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+1 guess why

Edit: my answer stated from others its not so difficult to understand oof
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+1 Everything has been stated already. He's active on all 3 servers, knows all the rules and knows what he's doing. Worst thing that can happen is him being overwhelmed by the position.
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I realize it might be a bit contradictory to up-vote 2 different applications, but what it all comes down to is that you're a veteran, with both the time and experience necessary to fill in the shoes for this role.
You seemed like a goofball to me in the past, but you've lingered long enough that you're definitely a great option for a position such as this one. Good luck!

David is by far the most suitable candidate for the position. He's definitely dedicated to the community and is active in every server(and forums). He knows the ropes and is a veteran player, you have the time and the experience for the position.
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I normally do not reply to Applications at all. I know every single person that is applying for this position and have Staffed with them all as well. I think that while others would do a good job in this position I still think David would be the best applicant for this position. However, I wanted to explain some things that gives me the reason to put my vote in for David. 

#1 Activity Across the Three Servers: David has played continuously BEFORE the clause of the position stating that you would be helping all three servers (Clone Wars/Halo/Hogwarts). He was an Officer and Admin on Clonewars. He was an Admin on Hogwarts. He is currently Naval Commander, Highcom position, and Staff Manager on Halo. He still pops in on all the servers at times to continue playing on each server. He is a Forum Admin as well so he still observes whats going on in each group due to having to watch the Forums. 

#2 He has been an Admin or Higher at one time or another: I have already stated this in the #1 part but he has been an Admin on all the servers at one point or another. He is a very well trusted member of the community and knows all the rules perfectly for each server already due to his previous positions. He would have to be brushed up on some underside of New staff stuff however his knowledge of the other servers are very High.

#3 His Loyalty to the Community: David has been apart of this community for years. Let that sink in for a minute. Even when he took long breaks he still was around on the community helping out. His devotion to Starbystargaming is impressive. 

All of these things together will help him with this position. Part of the job is helping every single server, Past experience as staff will tie in if he needs to bounce onto each server. His is still active on the servers meaning that the player base knows who he is which means it will be an easy transition as he goes to the servers to help out. His loyalty adds that he will be devoted to all the servers and not focus on just one or two.

I only brushed on a couple of things but my vote for David is obviously a +1.

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