Medical gets a very small forward base for better gameplay


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(2) Medics keep getting shot at during mission whilest trying to heal players and i feel that there should be a better way of healing people and reviving people through gunfire of friend and foe. They should be able to regroup to a small (very small) forward "base". This would not only be great for medics as it would allow better cordination for medics but it would also allow troops to find a medic much faster insted of going through loads of gunfire and lasers to find a medic. The "Base" would be something very very small as in, its as big as a table and chair with something like a medical cross on it. But this heavily depends on the situation, like for example. We could be doing a base defense event and that small table area might be bad or good depending on the size of the base. But this is just base defense event, in and event where were traveling around alot this would pretty much be made redundant. Plus the entire reason i have it as a physical thing is so newer players would know exactly where togo insted of guessing where the medic might be. Also speaking about players needing togo medics, if a player is Bleeding, Below or on 35 hp and or is dead medics should leave the post to help the player.

(3) This change would absolutely help medics and players find eachother better aswell as maybe decrease the amount of friendly fire

(4) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added: There are 100% negatives with this idea, like for example if were doing an event where players are running around and not really defending a place this would pretty much be made redundant and plus it should not be able to be used by low ranking plays, im thinking like sergant and above however GMs and admins could hopefully spawn these in for other medics. Also these SHOULD NOT BE USED AS COVER, there entire purpose is to be a small rally point for medics and injured troops.

I honestly think this comes down to medics and troopers working together properly. Troopers shouldn’t put themselves in situations where a medic cannot reach them (unless requires for the mission) and medics shouldn’t put themselves in harms way if it means they’re going to die healing displaced troops. 

I just think people need to focus on situational awareness better.
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As the Major of the medics I will say that I agree with Comet and tomorrow we are going to do situational training and I will continue this training to help the medics and as well do joint training with other battalions. Thank you comet for the idea. 

As per this idea, I would say I will be neutral as in theory, this would be good, but that means that a game maker every event would have to worry about another thing to add. Yes, you could have engineers but then they would also be events that there would be these than in some there wouldn't. I will say I hope that some of the game makers will take this suggestion and make more events where medics can do RP during the set up of the event or add the medical battalion as per something. Like during a hostage situation when we retrieve the hostage they could be injured and the medics need to do combat RP during fire and such (as we  have been trained upon this exact thing.) Being able to do rp during an intense battle. I will be honest though I don't really understand this 100% because I don't know if this is a place where you want an event like this or for this to happen on every event or some events. I will have a talk with you more about it when we are on server together. So I will change my vote or keep it the same depending on that conversation.

This was discussed in our staff meeting and denied. Ultimately, it's just not needed.

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