What you play on, And how did you get it

Well Lets start do you play on a Desktop or Laptop
If Desktop, Built Or Bought built
If Laptop what kind?

Im on a Desktop Built it last year in november
Dont know the perks im big dumb
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Desktop. Built about two years ago. Just got a 1080Ti about eight months ago. Upgrading my CPU in the next few weeks. 
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Here is the computer I built in 2016: Click here
Here is how my build looks after upgrading it over time: Click Here!

All with my own money, which makes it extra special.

I love what it has become.
I have no problem playing any game ULTRA settings 60+ fps on a 2560x1080p monitor.
If I lower the settings then I can easily see 100-300fps in a lot of games. 

It's not the greatest build out there, but I love it.
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Desktop, I remember some specs so: GTX 1070 8GB?, 16GB RAM, 2TB space, intel core i7 6700K I think?
lowkey don't remember.

Uhh I got it from begging to my dad like the child I am
Friendly gud boi back at it again
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I play on an HP Notebook Laptop
Here are my Specs
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Desktop and built it all myself. Running an overclocked water cooled i7-9700K at 5.3GHz.
Corsair H150i Pro 360mm RAD.
Gigabyte 1070TI boosted to over 2000MHz. 
ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero z390 Motherboard.
A boot SSD (moving to m.2 soon).
Three 960GB SSD's in raid. 
A Corsair 850 PSU.
Corsair Commander Pro (RGB + Fan controller)
Cooler Master H500M case.

Can run most games like GTA and BF5/1 at 4k high to max settings with solid 60 FPS+. I am looking at moving up to a super 2070 or a 1080 TI if the price is right as the 1080 TI just out performs to 2070. A 2080 TI is the goal but it's a lot of money for a GPU.
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I play Gmod on my washing machine and I feel pretty comfortable with it.

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