Why minecraft is best

moincoft is won of my favorte games becuse its nolstalgick, its also fun to play becuse you can plase blocks down.

what is ur favrite minecraft moment?
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Nostalgia, we used to lose ourselves in conversation
Nothing was final, we used to brace ourselves for separation
From time to time I find myself wondering what could be if I'd
Never been to hell, before I built a shell

The pussy vultures are coming for your girlfriend
After you break up
They listen to her sad story then slip it in
When she's vulnerable
Don't think it won't happen to you
My best friend said, "Hey Jon, screw you"
Now I'm confused, I don't know what to do
So don't think it won't happen, it won't happen to you


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First time I ever saw a Creeper. I could never forget those eyes. I was like "Aw Man".
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Well,  emmmm if you are still a 6 years old kid then yeah you LOVE Minecraft.
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