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Alright so I wanted some clarification on the rules for my custom job because this is a Forum/Michael Question. So the rule states that Light Animagus Rogue is an undercover deatheater who relays information to Dumbledore about the dark forces so it's allowed to go into the graveyard. My question is am I allowed to reveal an undercover dark force member I saw black apparate into the grave yard. An example of this is say I'm sitting at the RP bench and I see Narcissa black apparate and I follow her into the graveyard. Am I allowed to reveal her as a dark force member while also revealing myself as a light force?
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This is my guess
So if she uses apparation back to the GY no cause its her safe place 
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The answer is no.

This would fall under the 'intentional reveal' rule. This is a rule that basically applies to any given situation where an undercover role intentionally reveals their side in order to create situations where they can kill others or rdm.

You reveal for situation when you are not revealing yourself intentionally towards others, and ensuring that it's a safe environment.
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