Favourite moment in Hogwarts RP so far?

Mine's gotta be when i first met new friends and had a laugh with them for hours.

What about you??????

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      Bye bye. 

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Really too much memories, I don't know about a particular moment. Maybe I'll think about it.

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(08-15-2019, 06:22 PM)Arthur Dragonfyre Wrote: Really too much memories, I don't know about a particular moment. Maybe I'll think about it.

I hope to have as much memories as you one day

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      Bye bye. 

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When me and @Jonny Fuzz had an erp party in the ravenclaw dorms during lockdown ;)
Friendly gud boi back at it again
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(08-15-2019, 07:07 PM)Oliver Dragon-Inkarna Wrote: When me and @Jonny Fuzz had an erp party in the ravenclaw dorms during lockdown ;)

I best be invited to the next one 

                                                                                           [Image: orig]

      Bye bye. 

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The time when i was part of a "Mini" event during Christmas where i was the Grinch because i snatched Santa.
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Way too many to mention but certainly to name a few:

Joining The Savage Family and then the Aeternalis family
Getting RP married
Being a penguin during the April Fools Day events
First time hanging out with Justin
Getting my first open custom whitelist (yogi)
Killing Rex Blackthorn when he wasn't looking :)
First time joining the server
Getting false banned by Tony for racism
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Getting married to @Chris Crowlett
Moonlight Festival where I was quite intoxicated and took for-fucking-ever to get on the ferris wheel, with @Justin Amendish  yelling my name every time I missed the seat
Literally any moment as Lillie Fudge
When Peaches ran up just to slap Aaron James Elios 20 ft in the air
The server on Halloween and April Fools, just literally anything.
@Arthur Dragonfyre 's parties in RoR
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My favourite moment is when I see @Sibyl and @Satia Aeternalis (sometimes). 

Also @Kelly Sparkles-Bubble
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Getting Married on the Server.

Doing the 24 hour session as Statue was really memorable. 

There’s lots more but those two stick out more than anything
( Statue Krepsie )
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