Zane's Halo Server Manager Application

(1.) What is your SteamID and your Steam URL? - STEAM_0:1:197128991 |

(1a) What is your most common name for the SBS community? - Zane

(1b.) How old are you? – (N/A Elios knows it currently, If Zubey/Guy Asks I will Inform them)

(2.) What position are you applying for? – Halo RP Server Manager

(3.) When did you first join our server and how did you discover it? - Late May/Early June. Found this through TeamSpeak from Elios and Seraphin. Decided to join and have been active playing ever since.

(4.) Community staff must be active at a higher standard when compared to staff, do you understand that you may be let go for inactivity? – I completely understand. Before School started back around, I was spending 12-16+ Hours a day for 30 days straight keeping up on the activity. Since school started, I have been doing about 3-14 hours online a day on server and about 6-8 hours monitoring questions and helping on the discord.

(5.) Tell us about yourself and why you want to be staff on SBS? (100 words or less) - Hello, I am a Musician that knows quite a lot of different instruments and are learning all the time. I would like to be staff on Halo because for the past 3 months on the server I have been devoted to immersing myself with the Server RP culture. I feel like I can help a lot with bringing and solidifying the rules for the server.

(6.) What do you feel you need to improve on the most? – The thing that I feel like I need to work on the most is learning to take a break from something. I get very focused and narrowminded when it comes to playing and I ignore the time as it moves by. One second it will be 8 am then it will be 5 pm. I need to learn to be able to get up take a break and come back to focusing on what I need to get done instead of just pushing through.

(7.) How would having you on staff benefit our server and what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants? – The thing that would set me apart from any of the other applicants for this position is that I am engulfed daily with the RP on the Halo. I understand a lot of the gray area rules within the server and surrounding the server. I talk to players and staff daily coming up with different ideas and new shifts to keep the server more interesting for players and then bring them up to Higher ups. With this addition of this position I can bring things directly to Zubey/Guy.

(8.) Have you been staff/are currently on any other servers? If so, which ones? (List them if possible) –

StarByStarGaming Hogwarts- Moderator (No Longer)
Goliad Gaming- Head-Admin Battlefront RP/Manager of Civil War RP (Both No Longer in Existence Due To Ownership Problems) (No Longer)
StarByStarGaming Halo- Moderator/Trial-Admin (Current)

(9.) How would you rate your skills overall out of 10 (EX: Patience, response time, etc) –

Patience – 8.5
Response Time – 9
Communication – 9
Professionalism/Maturity – 9
Friendliness – 8 (Like I said before People are afraid of my Low Deep Voice at times which affects this score)
Loyalty – 10

I won’t Rate anything at a 10 except Loyalty because I feel like there is always room to improve

(10.) Please make a list of all previous staff applications, a link to them, and the reason they were locked. If you are no longer Staff on any SBS server(s), please give a short explanation of why you are no longer staff. (Disregard if this is your first application) –

I can not get a link to the first two previous staff applications as they were on the old forum database. Both staff applications were accepted to a Moderator rank.

The first one I resigned from the team due to having a lot of personal real-life stuff come up all at once.

The second one I resigned from the team due to becoming to sick to take part in staffing as it took all my time to stay healthy.

The Third One was Accepted. I resigned from this position because I became very sick again.

(11.) (Optional) Provide examples of situations you would handle in the position you are applying for here and how you would handle them. –

Like I said before, a lot of the rules on the server are very vague and need brought to light. On the server most of the rules are by word of mouth and can be lost in context from player to player. The first thing I would do to help solve this problem would be to start working on a document that would help new players with no knowledge to be able to read the document and understand what they must do. An example of this document would be the Hogwarts Compendium of Rules. Things that would be most likely touched upon on this document would be Base protocols (PTL, Briefing/Debrief, Generator Room, Medic Bay, Airforce ATC protocols), Naval Frigate Protocols (AF capability of entering, ODST Drop Pods, Engine Room, Lockdown Protocols) etc.

Now if people had problems with figuring out some of the rules on the server I would step in and help guide them on the proper knowledge that goes with such rules. If a Suggestion was brought to the Staff Teams attention and accepted, I would look and find a way for it to properly fall into the RP settings of the server and adjust the rules to fit this new addition accordingly.

Now, even though we have suitable High Command players on the server Aura/Armada (Elios), part of the job would be to monitor the armies and make sure that the regiments on the server are fallowing there rules and guidelines that are for their regiments and making sure that the Commanding Officers within those regiments are correctly guiding their soldiers to make sure that the RP of the server is being correctly fallowed.

I will use this as an example: Part of the RP for the AF is the ATC system where they will need to do correct takeoff and landing. (Callsign, Reason for takeoff, Clearance Codes). The reason they need to do this is because of the Insurgent Faction that tries to infiltrate the base. Now if we have no knowledge of an AF member doing such actions it can be considered an Insurgent due to not having a proper takeoff/landing Codes. If I noticed AF continuously not doing the correct sequence of takeoff and landing, I would go to their Commanding Officer and see that they get trained appropriately.


He's a good candidate. I wouldn't mind him receiving the position.
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+ 1

No problem with the lad at all. He is the best candidate in my opinion to take the position.
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I've seen you do great things, you're very understand, you're effective, I mean damn you banned me, but you still give me respect :), but I think you deserve to Server Manager, Wish the best


I think Zane would do fine in this position, he’s been with the community for a long time and it seems like he would know what to do as the Server Manager for Halo.

Good Luck Zane!
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Perfect for the role, active on the community and he's a good boy SeemsGood +1
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Zane would make a great Server Manager in my opinion, for many reasons.

I must consider what could happen.

If I were to think of someone who could be put in a position of server manager, but also manage staff for a bit while should Elios recieve teh Auxilary, no better comes to mind.

Super mega ultra plus one

I mean I don't see half of you play halo so outside of knowing Zane idk how you can place a vote, but Zane is by far one of the better staff members, encourages rp as much as he humanly can outside of events, is always respectful to players and staff, always responds quickly to questions and people who need help.

+1 Zane.
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