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From wedding Hosting, to Chess tournaments, piano playing and even staying overnight, the Hogwarts Sky Lounge has plenty of activities to partake in!

Fly by sometime!

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Skyfall ?
Sick of being in my head and thinking about my fate
And worried about my health
Wanna waste away my days with a pretty young thing
And blow through all my wealth
I made some mistakes, not so good with planning
But I got some skills in easy living
Cut my ties with desperation
and learned to live with a little sensation

Just for the day we’ll pretend I’m made of money
I’ll be your sugar daddy
Let’s make a fool of ourselves and crash a party
Act like we own the place

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can I commit cliff jump?
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skyblock be like
Friendly gud boi back at it again
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Owner of Cursed Soul
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(09-12-2019, 06:07 PM)San Wrote: can I commit cliff jump?

do a frontflip
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