Barry MacKinner

(1) What is your current ingame name and SteamID? - Barry Mcguffin STEAM_0:0:44599452

(2) What is the name you are requesting? - Barry MacKinner

(3) Why is this name not allowed by the Hogwarts staff? - Supposedly sexual - only if you force it

(3a) If you remember the name of the staff member that requested you to change your name, who was it? - @Bathilda Mcguffins

(4) Why should this name be allowed? -

Most of the reasoning is in that post.

Quote:Bury my Cock in her?

Thats what I got

It only comes out as that if you're either saying it wrong - or you are forcing it.

There's nowhere to get the word cock from. This is a legitimate name.

Very traditional style name, nothing wrong with it.

+1 to keep it

(09-12-2019, 07:00 PM)Garrus Vakarian Wrote: Very traditional style name, nothing wrong with it.

+1 to keep it

+1 for same reasons, you also forgot to mention that it's his name in real life.

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To be fair I don't really see a problem with his name. He had the name "Barry McCockinner" when I pulled him earlier but he changed it to MacKinner and I sent him back as I didn't see anything wrong with it. I do see that someone may find it as "Bury my cock in her", but I don't see it myself and that's why I'll go with a +1 to keep it.
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His name is fine now. It sounds like a proper name compared to his first one. +1
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Overall, I think Bathilda wanted you to change your name due to the fact that there was multiple "Barry Makokinner"s on the server today. I do understand how she figured it could be considered sexual because of that specific reason, and it still is fairly close. 

However unlike others, if the first name wasn't Barry, I'd plus one this, but I'm Neutral to -1 due to the fact that I understand how it can be considered it.

@Michael Classicius name appeal for you.
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+1 Doesn't bother me
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Sure, doesn't sound bad as it is and staff relating it to a sexual reference is a bit of a stretch.

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+1 I don't see it, but I'm not a English speaker tho
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I saw a lot of people saying that Barry MacKinner is close to "Bury my cock in her"... lmao how tf do you usually pronounce "Mac" in a name?
I could understand if the name was "Barry MacCockinner" but his actual name is literally pronounced "Berry MecKinner".
I don't really know why you always have to find the bad part of the things even though there isn't a bad part.
The name is fine, be more relaxed, +1

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