Suggestion to Allow the Killing of Students


(1) What is your In-game name & Steam ID? - Romeo King STEAM_1:1:447082237

(1a) Have you read through the Common Suggestions and Answers post? - Yes

(2) What is your suggestion? - Allow student on student fights, even if it leads to character death.

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition? - I think that there’s a huge lack of an RP experience on the server, which I guess it’s fine as it’s a VERY casual server. I think that students fighting would make things more interesting, obviously with an “RP reason” other than shooting for no reason.

It’s been argued that “in Harry Potter lore” students don’t kill each other, which would only really make sense to enforce on a serious-ish RP server. But since there’s no downside to dying in game and very little RP since most people talk about how they’re “playing gmod” or “in Discord” or “pressing this key on my keyboard” I think starting rivalry’s with other “students” would be interesting.

I feel like SBS Hogwarts is in some kind of identity crisis as to whether it wants to be casual or not. 

Enforcing strict “name rules” and “RDM rules” whilst ignoring the fact that people should be playing characters and actually creating improv situations.

(4) What could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added? - 1. Walking into a situation and not knowing the full context could lead to confusion by prefects or admins/moderators. But if someone is wrongfully killed not only have they not lost anything from dying, but a player report would clear up the fact that they were killed without reason.

2. Actual RDM, as in RANDOM death match bans would be increased in length, I would assume so. But I don’t know about you but I’d be okay with someone getting a long ban for randomly firing into a crowd “for the lols”

3. Students fighting in classrooms? Just take it outside like in high school. Making active classrooms safe spaces would be a good thing.

Thank for reading my suggestion #MakeHogwartsGreatAgain

-1 wouldn't make any sense for students to be killing eachother + it would be aids having a bunch of students dueling in the hallway
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While it may sound cool in theory this ain’t American Highschool RP lmao. This would get out of hand very quickly and is just not worth the try. 
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Those students would;
Have their wand removed from them
Be revoked from going to school
Have the potential to be sent to Azkaban for murder
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I completely agree with Odin. 
There is no reason for student's to kill one another.
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Rewatch the movies boi -1 I agree with Odin
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This just screams an excuse for RDMing people which would lead in total chaos on the server and sucking off all the fun out of it.Players are not mature enough for that kind of rule.
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jesus what kinda school do you guys go to

-1 All has been said, it just wouldn't work
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-1, others have stated why and it isn't really lore friendly at all. (and yes I know it says the server is very lore but RDM'ing people all the time just causes chaos.)
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Everything has been said before. It would make 0 sense. You'd be expelled and sent to Azkaban.


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