Kelly's Staff Manager App

I know this app is going to be long; I wanted to be as thorough as possible. I am also basing some of my ideas in my past management experience running stores and staff teams. I really hope you all can give me honest feedback based on my current attitude and ideas. If you are concerned please feel free to message me. I will love to go more into detail with each idea I have.

(1.) What is your SteamID and your Steam URL? - STEAM_0:1:90633704 &
(1a) What is your most common name for the SBS community? - Kelly Trash Sparkles
(1b.) How old are you? - 24

(2.) What position are you applying for? - Hogwarts Staff Manager
(3.) When did you first join our server and how did you discover it? - I joined the server late January in 2018. I originally was on CC's server and made a friend. That friend then told me how much better this server was. I joined and never left. 
(4.) Community staff must be active at a higher standard when compared to staff, do you understand that you may be let go for inactivity? - Yes 
(5.) Tell us about yourself and why you want to be staff on SBS? (100 words or less) - I am an optimistic with a fierce bubbly personality. I have never been so passionate about a community and the people involved within it. I want to see it succeed and help guide it in any-shape-way or form. I want to do whatever I can do and give this community the best I can be.  
(6.) What do you feel you need to improve on the most? - I am not perfect, I never will be perfect. I will never strive for perfection. I will simply be all that I can be at that possible time. With that being said, I can be emotional. However, it is only because I care so damn much about this community. While it can be a negative, at least you know you will have my entire heart into this position and the staff team itself. I know that not everyone will agree with the choices I make, like me, or some people may even want to see me fail, and I think having that mindset knowing I will not be able to please everyone will be able to push me past this aspect of me.

My Niceness. It may seem that I can come off a little condescending or fake when it comes to how I talk or interact with people just because of my tone. Too friendly can have that opposite effect sometimes, but  I will try my best to assure each one that it is a genuine attitude I have. I hate seeing people alone or suffer. I try to have that attitude and tone to make people feel like that can at least have one friendly person to talk to.

"Push-over": While it may seem that I am easily taken advantage of, I really am not. I try my hardest to put myself in each person's shoes and try to approach it from each person's side. I never am a "punish first-talk second". Which is why I feel like people believe I am easily taken advantage of. The moral is, if I can understand why this person did what they did, I will do what I feel is best for punishment or consequence. Now, I am not saying if I had a staff member break the same rule over and over again there would be no consequences. I believe in growing and learning from mistakes, and if there is no growth from their behavior, then there will be some kind of repercussion.
(7.) How would having you on staff benefit our server and what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants? - My passion. I will be able to give my heart to each situation and take the time to really reflect on what is best. I try my best to look at things from all sides instead of my side only. I also have the ability to understand a lot of people differently. I can connect to them and be able to talk freely to each individual or people as a whole. I also have several plans and ideas that I will break down later in my app instead of general ideas or examples. Honesty. I will be honest to each and every person I meet. I will not belittle them or guilt them. But, I don't believe people will grow if you don't tell them the truth. I have plenty of skills that can help aid me in the success of this position if lucky enough to get it,  
(8.) Have you been staff/are currently on any other servers? If so, which ones? (List them if possible) - I have only been staff on SBS Hogwarts. However, there were a few times have I been set to help out Halo when it first launched.   

(9.) How would you rate your skills overall out of 10 (EX: Patience, response time, etc) -
Approachability 8.5: Not everyone agrees with how I talk or word things due to my positive attitude. However, I do believe that I have what it takes to have people come to me with their problems.I will never push or pry to open up to me, but once I get that trust into talk to people, I will do whatever I can to hold that. I value each conversation, and will try my best to understand what everyone is going through. I do have a lot of people message me daily, asking me for advice whether it is server related things or even real-life things. I love this aspect of myself. I love being someone for people to look up to. And if granted with this position, this is a skill I want to hold. I want everyone to feel heard, and with this skill, I will do whatever I can to keep that. 

Empathy/Sympathy 8- I have something a lot of people lack. Being able to feel is important. It makes it to where I can put myself physically and mentally in most case scenerios. This makes it to where I can relate and understand to each situation with better. It makes things come easier undersatnd that best punishment for whatever said thing happened in that situation. 

Honesty 8.5: I believe in this. This is one thing I will stand by. I can be the nicest person, but I am not afraid to be blunt. Like I said earlier in my app, this is the best way to have people grow as individuals. I feel like lying to someone and they to find out the truth later will only hurt them more in the long run. Feedback is important. If I see a behavior that needs to be corrected, I will speak up before it becomes a bad habit to break. We all have room to grow, and having this ability will help push growth for each individual

Communication 9: This skill is vital. I will always be upfront and talk to people when needed and even when not needed. Getting out what we need to say is important on creating and making bonds. If I can't communicate with the staff team or the players, why should I even apply? I have a lot planned that I will speak upon later in my app.

Creativity 9: Not every problem will be black and white. Being able to approach things differently will be able to help any problem I will encounter. 

Leadership 9: This is a key point. I have been a manager since the age of 18. I made history with a local grocery store by becoming the youngest manager within the store. I have helped train, I have helped make schedules, run an entire department from sales, to customer service. We can even look at my history with Hogwarts. I am the third GM to ever make it as an admin. However, I lead by example. I will never micromanage or step into a situation to over-speak someone. I use my leadership to look at one problem and help tweak and guide things I see that can be issues in the problem.

Interpersonal/Charisma Skills 9- I love talking to people, and I actually love people. I want to talk to them, I want feedback, I never want to sit there quietly. Being able to talk to each person as an individual and as a whole on different levels is important.

Adaptability: 8.5: I love change. I love growing. I had to get this through real-life experience. I have done clinicals in hospital settings where one second one of my patients is dying, to one just simply needs his medicine. One of the best things about this community is that the player base is always different. I view it as generations almost. Each generation of players is different from the next. You have to be able to change your skill sets based on the player base you are working with. 

Positivity 9: I am someone who tries to think the best in ever scenario. This can help alleviate any bad thoughts or offer a new view for those in a dark-mind set. 
(10.) Please make a list of all previous staff applications, a link to them, and the reason they were locked. If you are no longer Staff on any SBS server(s), please give a short explanation of why you are no longer staff. (Disregard if this is your first application) - 

I applied twice as a GM on the old forums, first one locked due to 30 days old and not having a staff manager. Second one was accepted.
Forum app denied to seraphin getting the potion:

(11.) (Optional) Provide examples of situations you would handle in the position you are applying for here and how you would handle them. -

I want to first start this part out and list my goals if I receive this position, and why I think it is important. I want to get this point out as clear as possible. I do not want to micromanage. I want to guide the staff team to success, not "my way or the highway". We all do things differently, and I will accept individuality. Please note, there will also be very few times where I will go straight to a demotion. I strongly believe in growth as we are all humans. However, there are certain things I will have zero tolerance for.

Goal 1. Increase the communication with the staff team.
Why this is important: Being able to openly express what player has been warned and being able to talk without making judgments is important to work well as a team. You see, if we have a staff team that does not communicate well, it affects everyone, mostly the players. If we cannot have staff members who can't communicate effectively enough, then the player base is being let down. Each player needs to be told efficiently what rule they broke and why it was against the rules. From staff side of things, if staff can't communicate and work together then efficiency drops, and it causes tension. I will never force staff members to be the best of friends with one another, but they will have to be able to get their points across. This is simple, you can build communication by simply telling another staff member you are in a sit, or who you warned for what. 

Goal 2. Increase Trust between staff and the community
I hate the stigma of the vice-versa relationship. I want the players to feel comfortable to come talk to us. This will be accomplished by communicating better within the community as a whole. I want to try and make posts whether weekly, or monthly posts on things we are seeing an increase of, whether rule breaking, or positive feedback for the community or particular staff members. This will be very similar to the bulletins, or even maybe included into the bulletins. Something I really liked that Ryte did was how he set up a way to give anonymous feedback. I will utilize that to help improve the staff team as well. This creates trust because the player base will be able to see we are taking their feedback seriously, and we want to continue to grow. I also want to personally take suggestions from the player base to see how they think the staff team can improve, and even how I can improve myself.

Goal Three: I want to utilize admins.
Being an admin, I do love it. But, I feel like we are not used to the best of our ability. Admins can be used as a huge learning and example. If the situations permits, I will let admins weigh in my every-day choices. Now, I know this will not be fit for every case. But, they deserve say and to be communicated with on what my plans are and why. Delegating tasks help people grow in leadership and time-management. I also feel like delegating will be able to help the longevity of this position and help train the admins into become the next staff or server manager. I never want to make a choice without feedback, and if it is not something I can entrust with the admins, I will utilize Michael or the server manager. This creates a check and balances system. That way, if I am getting to heavy or too little of punishments, the admins are able to give me their opinions and I can merge the ideas together. 

Goal Four: Inclusion and a sense of belongness
One of the biggest things I hated was a GM was that a lot of people made me feel like I was not true staff. It took fighting and voicing a lot of opinions to make me feel included. I do not want them to feel less important because they mostly do not deal with disciplinary things. I will give the GMs options to get basic training on how to deal with sits, such as name sits, hate-speech, etc.If a gm does not want to take sits or feel comfortable doing so, I will not force them. I also want to extend this to others. I want each staff to feel like they are included and belong on this team. One thing I have planned is scheduling not only the weekly meetings, but my goal is to set up one on one meetings with each staff member to get their over all concerns, to get their expectations, and see if there is anything we need to improve on as a whole team and an individual basis.

Goal Five: I will try to set weekly "office hours"
This will be an open door policy. I will sit in my teamspeak channel, and people can poke me or join my channel to come to me about issues they have seen and not want to wait until the meeting. Of course, I can still be reached through discord or via the forums or steam. I will try to have a 24 hours response time to all messages since I am always on my phone. I just will not always be able to talk through voice.

Goal Six: Growing
One of the most common misconceptions of a manager is that people think managers in a negative way. I will not just be active in the staff's lives when there is something that needs to be corrected and changed. If I see something positive about that staff member, I will tell them. Staff, and people in general need to know their strengths. From a psychology point of view, humans can't handle a bunch of negativity at once. This is why I will also help build upon each staff member's strengths. If there is something that a staff member does really well, and another staff member lacks in, I want to try to match them two up to communicate and get together to help one another. This can grow bonds over all which boost the morale of the staff team too.  

Why these are important: See, trust and communication go hand in hand. Once someone breaks trust, it is hard to communicate with that said group or particular person. I feel like we in general are failing when it comes to communicating because the lack of trust in one in another. We need to be able to build that back up. This will be done by actually communication with the player base what staff does, why we do it, and giving updates and feedback is crucial for us growing as a community.

Now actual examples, I feel like I may experience, or ways I feel like I would handle certain situations:

New staff: I will speak to them one on one with what my exceptions are as a staff member, I will even create a document and post it to the applying section, so everyone is clear what I believe makes the best staff so they can have a general understanding what they are getting themselves into before applying. (and the input of others as well). This will be an ambiguous thing. I will talk to the trial and ask if they feel as they would want one person to train them (kind of like assigning one mod of their choice to train the new staff member), or if they are okay with multiple mods training. The reason why I am giving options with that particular situation is because it comes into confusion, or something called "sensory-overload". Some staff do things so much differently than the rest. Seeing people do things differently is an excellent thing to do, but some people get overwhelmed by having too many options or become unsure with what way to go about things in regards to punishment. The best thing about our staff team is Individuality. I want us all to embrace that. 

Staff member or members participating in drama or toxicity: Staff members are here to set examples. When given the proper proof and I see that staff members are creating or participating in drama, it will be a talking to. I want to get their side of view on what or why made them do that, and go from there. Depending on the magnitude of the situation, it could possibly lead to a suspension, and worse case scenario a demotion. But, there are different types of drama and toxicity. If staff members are talking about one another in a negative way, that needs to be addressed. If staff are targeting and harassing players because of their powers, then it would be grounds for a higher punishment. Meaning, going straight to a demotion.

Staff Abusing Power: If any staff members is abusing their powers (depending on the magnitude). First offense, talking to, second offense suspension, third offense demotion. If a staff member is abusing their powers to target and harass other players it will be straight suspension or demotion. There will be no tolerance for that. If the players can;t get away with it, neither can staff.

Staff members caught leaking information: After I talk to the staff member who is caught leaking, I want to see why and what they leaked. Was it a friend? Was it because you had pent up frustration? You are supposed to be trusted, breaking that trust hinders our relationship to communicate with the rest of the time and the community. This will be the case of an instant demotion. 

Staff micromanaging or manipulating others- Not being comfortable in some sits is okay from time to time. Just communicate with one another and say you're here, but may be slow to sits, or ask on how to improve. But, staff should never demand someone else to do something. Manipulating people to take and do things they do not want to do is not okay. If given the valid proof, I will look into the situation, and look at from both sides. One, did the person who demanded or tried to control the other staff member have good intentions? If so, this is a guided situation where I try to show and give examples on how to handle that better. If it was solely because that staff member did not want to do the sit, then they need to be talked to. If the attitude continues then they will receive a suspension and then demotion.

Staff disagreements: When staff argue in @ chat or publicly in ooc, it an cause drama and tension between not only the staff team, but as well as the player base. This kind of communications when disagreements or arguments happen need to be directed to each other in private messages or brought to my attention, so we can squash whatever is going on. This is one of those varied situations where punishments may not come about. For example, if someone is having a rough day has a sharp attitude, it will be the lecture of "simply leave the server". If this is a day-to-day thing. Then we need to coach on how to get the attitude in a positive direction. Blatant disrespect to another staff member though will not be tolerated. Not everyone will get along, but there needs to be some level of respect. This can lead to a more stern talking to, suspension, or demotion on the variation of disrespect. 

Thank you so much for even taking the time to read this application. If you have any questions or concerns please message me. I truly want to be the best I can be for myself and the community.
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+1 kelly is one of the most approachable people I’ve ever met. She’s goes above and beyond to help anyone in need on the server. She always helpful with any questions I’ve had. She would make a great fit for staff manager.
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Out of all the applicants currently, I feel like Kelly is what the community needs. She tries to get all sides of the equation, has never been toxic in any way, people feel comfortable approaching her, etc. She could really be the medium between regular and staff that the community has desperately been seeking for a long time now. I think she'd be able to make a lot of positive changes and steer the whole community in a better direction.
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Kelly is one of the nicest and caring people I know. She's always asking and making sure you're doing okay and going out of her way to help you with whatever problem you might have! She has helped and talked to me so many times and I'm so grateful for it. She is always teaching players the rules and really tries hard to help them learn before giving any kind of punishment, and she handles sits in the sweetest way Heart I've seen her stay calm in hectic and stressful situations and really helps deescalate them.

I think Kelly is very capable and would be absolutely amazing for this position! :)
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after reading your reply now i understand where your coming from now i have more hope that if you do get accepted in this position it would be good for the community out of you and someone else i truly believe you can make a change.

good luck on your application 

Heart Heart Heart Heart

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@Mira Delaire @Raven~ thank you for the honesty! I do want to point out, I mentioned twice how severely I will be taking the targeting and harassment. I stated twice that if staff are caught, it would be straight to suspension or demotion. I do not take those things lightly, and it should never be taken lightly. It will most likely be a demotion. Sorry if I was not clear in my writing.
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Kelly I really didn’t think you were going to apply, but I’m so glad you did. I know I’ve also applied for the position, but hell, even if I did or didn’t get it I’d want you in this position. At times it seemed you were one of the only admin I could go up and speak to with my issues. You’re kind, active and overall just a great person. I think you would do absolutely fantastic in the position. +1 ily.
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Kelly is well capable of such an important position knows how to handle conflict between people and I would trust her to remain unbiased and completely fair as a Staff Manager.

I can go on and on talking about how good her traits are but I think the people that know her already know whats so great about her. Most approachable of all staff by far.

Also helped me out the way no one else would her personality is the best honestly.

Glad you applied Kelly good luck with your app  Heart
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I was hoping you'd apply, Kelly. You're, quite frankly, the first person I think of when it comes to the most approachable person in this community because from past experience, that's important to me because I was scared shitless to talk to higher ups a long time ago.

Even if there were any negative traits you might have (because I don't see any tbh), I feel you would correct it and adapt to being a Staff Manager quite quickly. I know bias is a very hot topic when it comes to the staff team, but from a sit between you and me about titles, I can confidently say that you are about as unbiased as it gets in this community and I know you'll remain that way whether you get SM or not. I know that you're passionate about this server/community and I think we need someone who is that passionate, plus, you don't involve yourself in drama and I've never seen you toxic. You're quite the opposite of toxic I would say.

Big ol' +1
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Kelly, I wasn't planning on commenting on any of the sm apps, but I believe you are the perfect fit for this position.
You have been here for a long time and have shown that you truly deserve a superadmin position. I trust you
with so much that I can not think of a better Staff Manager. 

Best of luck Kelly, you deserve it bb <3
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