Ryte Lionhearts Hogwarts Staff Manager App Round 2 (Updated Question 11)


Hey guys. Before we get started, no this isn't a meme or a troll post. I will be applying for this position again. I get for some this may leave a bad taste in your mouth, and even others cannot fathom how I can do such a thing again but please just hear me out. I tried my hardest to not have many paragraphs or sentences but I did the best I could.

It has been 1 full year since I was in this position. There was almost an entirely different staff team as well as a very different community a year ago. Things didn't exactly end well for me and 8 others during the end of my last term and I understand that completely. I can't speak for the others but I can speak for myself about it. 

Some things worked and some things just didn't. Unfortunately I never had a chance to receive any proper feedback during my few months as Staff Manager from the old CS Role. This lead me to believe what I was doing was fine due to not exactly hearing anything from anyone. It was only at that last week or so that I was finally told that I was doing something wrong, and unfortunately it was also too late for me to fix it because it had all been bottled up ready to explode. Despite trying alternatives to work on the last minute feedback, it was too far gone and at that point, me and many others were removed. I feel as though some of the major issues I ran into was a lack of communication between myself and the old CS role. I not only had a hard time running meetings, but a lot of things I was normally lenient and fine with were constantly getting overruled and that's the truth of it. A lot of decisions made were done through me but at the request of higher ups. 

Finally nearing the end, you are to work closely with the server manager but another issue I ran into was being excluded in upcoming rule changes and discussions ran by the old SM with a hand picked group of his closest friends. When you are managing staff you should at least have an ear on what exactly the staff will be enforcing on the server and whether it's possible or not, but unfortunately I was told not to come, ever. The two reasons given to me was because I was very influential and some people at those meetings, "did not like me." This eventually caused distrust issues between us as well. 

In the end, I'm not trying to say I had no fault. I still said things quite poorly and responded to some things in not the best way. People didn't like the choices I made, and I had no way to know if it's because they understood why I made it, or not. I know as I was not approachable to some staff members because they had grudges on me as a result. I only hope that things are different now and that a lot can change in a person after a year.

I want everyone to understand that I've been more humble, and want to have far less control over things than I did before, and since this past year I had made some very hard changes, some due to my diagnosis and others that resulted in me apologizing and killing my ego. However I will talk about it in more detail what it is exactly that I felt were awful changes I made before and what I plan to do this time if I am given that second chance to correct them.

(1.) What is your SteamID and your Steam URL? - 

(1a) What is your most common name for the SBS community? - 
Ryte Lionheart

(1b.) How old are you? - 


(2.) What position are you applying for? - 

Hogwarts Staff Manager
(3.) When did you first join our server and how did you discover it? - 

Fall 2016 (September) by searching most populated servers on Garrys Mod. Seeing Hogwarts RP was something different from all the Clonewars and Darkrp ones.
(4.) Community staff must be active at a higher standard when compared to staff, do you understand that you may be let go for inactivity? - 

(5.) Tell us about yourself and why you want to be staff on SBS? (100 words or less) - 

I am already staff so I assume this is reference to being a staff manager again. The first thing that comes to mind is that I have experience on what to expect when in the position, and since with the changes made to the old roles such as CS being changed and a nearly new staff team, I feel that I would be able to more efficiently lead the team in the right way without being overruled. For myself, I want to show that I will no longer be overbearing and controlling like before. I want everyone to know that I am here and ready. I want to show everyone that I do take feedback and will make changes accordingly.
(6.) What do you feel you need to improve on the most? - 

Nobody is perfect, I sure am not. I don't want to be "the best" but I want to be the best version of myself.
Things I need to improve on myself would be the mistakes I made during my time on staff manager. I want to be more communicative to my partners and never to step on anyone's toes. I have strong faith in Michael and David from what I witnessed over this past year. I feel like they are doing a fantastic job exceeding my expectations and would love an opportunity to try and work with them. There some obvious flaws I do want to keep myself in check for, and that is saying the wrong thing or explaining something incorrectly and being punished for it eventually. I want everyone to understand that if I say something and it sounds mean or hurtful, I do not intend it that way, and it's the odd occasion on how poorly I will word things. I ask you, please come to me to make sure what I mean if that ever happens.
(7.) How would having you on staff benefit our server and what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants? - 

I can't say for certain what exactly of a difference this position would make as I am already staff on the server. As for what sets me apart, I do have experience and can say for certain what did work and what didn't work 100%. I try to remain as unbiased as possible and I am able to be contacted if I am needed. I rather let my actions show who I am and what I am capable of then just state what makes me any better than the rest of the applicants.

(8.) Have you been staff/are currently on any other servers? If so, which ones? (List them if possible) - 
Ex Admin on SBS Hogwarts of 2 Years 
Ex Staff Manager on SBS Hogwarts a year ago
Ex Gamemaker on HaloRP for a few weeks
Hogwarts RP Gamemaker currently

(9.) How would you rate your skills overall out of 10 (EX: Patience, response time, etc) - 

Patience - I find myself to be more patient with things than I am not, so I'll say 8 or 9
Communication - 8 (Everyone says things that get taken the wrong way all the time, I am no different from this.)
Honesty - 9 (I am not afraid to say how I feel about something, but I know when to understand it's not the right time.)
Understanding - 9 (I would say this is my biggest strength)
Professionalism - 6 (I tend to try and be a decent person as I like being myself.) When needed - 9
(10.) Please make a list of all previous staff applications, a link to them, and the reason they were locked. If you are no longer Staff on any SBS server(s), please give a short explanation of why you are no longer staff. (Disregard if this is your first application) -

https://starbystargaming.com/showthread?tid=4240 Gamemaker for Hogwarts
https://starbystargaming.com/showthread?tid=4937 Gamemaker for Halo

Everything else was lost in transition from the old website

(11.) (Optional) Provide examples of situations you would handle in the position you are applying for here and how you would handle them. -

I will try to go over most if not, all the things I wanted to change or fix from what I did before and what I want to leave as is.

GM's had to meet a weekly quota - That was something I regret and won't happen again, this is a game and not a job. Creativity is to let bloom and not be forced. (Will be unchanged from what we have now.)

GM's were not to help with mods when 2 or more were online - At anytime it's requested GM's can help as needed. (Will be unchanged from what we have now.)

Activity was checked through steam and gametracker and a minimum was needed - As long as you get on for an understandable amount of time that is expected of a staff member, that's all that matters. Others can come to me if there are concerns of someones activity. (Will be removing a minimum time to get on, but you still should try to get on and be active.)

Promotions were given out to hard working staff, regardless of how many current admins there were - I feel like with the saying, too many chiefs and not enough indians, this caused issues with making staffing competitive. - Admins a gift you may or may not receive, it is no longer to be expected or entitled especially if there are lots of admins already. (Unchanged from what we have now.)

Staff Punishment and Warning Spreadsheets - No more spreadsheets, this is a game for christ sakes. If someone screws up, mistakes happen. Repeated or Large mistakes will be dealt with accordingly however. (If it still exists, it will no longer be used.)

Volunteered spreadsheets can be used if staff want to for player tracking! This will be completely volunteer on the staff teams part and nothing to do with me.

About Kik - I know I am not in the kik chat currently. I hope it is not a requirement for me to join it if I get the position, but as much as I don't want to, I will do it if the staff team feels its necessary.

I wanted to Elaborate more on Question 11 and the examples provided as just claiming that I have experience isn't being specific enough.

Staff Meetings
Will go unchanged, nothing much else to say besides what we all already know and do. Saturday meetings will either be covered for by an Admin or myself if I am awake for that time.

Staff Issues from Players
They will with no doubt want to come to me asap. Depending on the scenario or situation given, they will be redirected to the staff report section on the forums if I am busy, otherwise I will lend an ear or reply on steam or discord. If a matter with the staff member is deemed to be inappropriate, privacy will be respected and the report will be dealt with in those other ways.

Staff are at each other/players
No matter what, this is something that is always going to come up in this position and there are ways to go about this that leaves both members satisfied with the results. Ideally you want to speak to both members and get their sides of the story. Once I can come to terms with everything I learnt from both of them, the best course of action I can do is give my honest advice on the scenario or issue at hand. The goal here is to have the situation resolved, but some situations are far more tricky than others and aren't so easy. That is where I feel I can come up with something on the spot to help keep both people happy by troubleshooting their issues with each other separately.

Staff are deemed to be inactive
Evidently others or myself will notice that someone has stopped coming on the server. If it gets to a point that we really do not have any idea why, I would send a message just wondering what's been happening lately. I would hope to maybe get insight on why the inactivity but you never know, sometimes they may not respond. If I do not hear anything for some period of time after I sent my message, I would then proceed to let them know their powers have been revoked until they get back to me. This doesn't mean they would be let go for not playing for 5 days, don't get the wrong idea. This is a last resort thing of someone who hasn't showed up for weeks and weeks nearing a month without a single word or response in a message. If that person does come back and is willing to continue staffing with a reasonable excuse, they would be able to have their powers reinstated but go back on trial.

Staff would resume Teambuilding
Staff always enjoyed getting together not just for meetings but to also participate in games together. I used to have Teambuilding done once a month at the end of each month to get everyone to come together and play. The 2 I had done was partnering up 2 staff members and have them prefect together. Despite the very vanilla choice of game, it did get some laughs and go well. The second game I had everyone play was Town of Salem.

The Community would have an anonymous Dropbox for staff
Sometimes people like to give their feedback to the staff team, but many others find it easier doing so anonymously. I used to have an anonymous dropbox that people could use to give any kind of feedback to the team, despite some of it being creepy at times. This was a thing I implemented but I do not know if it's here anymore.

Trial Staff Orientation
When we would bring on new staff, I would take time after the meetings to go over the orientation of being a moderator or staff member. This would include mock scenarios of sits, familiarity of the ulx and commands, as well as the trials having the time to get to know me as the manager. It would be afterwards that I would entrust the trial to an Admin or 2 for the rest of the week as mentor if needed be. This was a thing that we desperately needed and first implemented by me.

Community and Staff Meet and Greet
Ariel had brought up an idea that I was going to execute that was like team building but it is a community and staff meet and greet. Once a month applicants, players and staff can take some time on the server and meet the staff team in the Room of Requirement. Here it will be designed by someone with fancy food and drinks to set the atmosphere, and players would be able to go up to us staff and talk about anything they would like too if it's in regards to staffing or getting to know the person. GM's and Admins will be able to place all kinds of activities. This is especially helpful for people who currently put out tons of staff applications but never get accepted because staff just don't know who they are, or because they are shy and may have different timezones. This day will specifically be for those people to get the know the staff members.

Staff being needed in certain timezones
I had suggested in one of the meetings recently that applicants should be sorted with NA or EU in their title. This was going to hopefully aim to cover what timezones are in desperate need. This is something I suggested and will definitely keep. I also noticed that staff currently are helping out by advertising their timezones in ooc. This is something I definitely like to see.


If you got this far after reading my responses in my app, I thank you for taking the time. For real, I appreciate it. If I still did not convince you I will do a good job, you are more than welcome to go and +1 the other awesome applicants. I am here if the server and sbs needs me, but this isn't something I NEED to have but I am more than willing to make the best if given a second chance. If you want to discuss something about what I said, I will be on the discord, steam, or you can inbox me on here. For those of you who only know me from a year ago, I would hope you consider that it was a year ago since then. A lot has changed about me, I have returned and bounced back from a community ban and improved and made my return to the staff team. So, I would appreciate it if you would not just completely roast me down based on nothing but the past, especially if you do not frequent the Hogwarts server. Otherwise I appreciate your responses and votes either way.

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We have lots of history both good and bad. We were there when we were both Moderators, to Admins to ending on bad terms over a year ago.

Since that time, I have seen you work your way back up and prove a lot of people wrong. You seem to have fixed most, if not all of the problems that we the Staff team brought up against you.

You have been here since the early days and have proven time after time that you are a fantastic staff member and contributor to this community. When you were first chosen as Staff Manager for our team in 2018, you were doing a hell of a job until you weren't. But as you mentioned in your application you have changed and I believe and support it.

You are a great candidate for this position and I genuinely believe that should you get this position once again, you will make the most of it and not make the same mistakes again.

Great application and good luck!
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I agree with Brando that you have proven a lot of people wrong.

and last time you where staff manager you kicked ass at it you always stood up for those who needed it you always where there if someone needed help the most. 

Id love to see you back as this position 

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Neutral to -1
I have only had minor experiences with Ryte
Ive only known him as an Admin and GM 
and the times that I have spoken to him he did seem to have an attitude.
 There isn't really much to say other than I don't see how you'd benefit the team as a Staff Manager. 


Ever since I got unbanned I've seen the improvements on Ryte's attitude as Brando stated stuff has happened in the past but you've constantly worked on your behavior and attitude. I think you deserve another shot at staff manager you were good at your job before and the improvements that you've made you'll do great again. I wish you good luck on your application and I hope you get the position
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Yes Ryte have made mistakes in the past as the previous staff manager but that's the past and that was a long time go, the past is in the past, people change. I don't really speak to Ryte but I feel like I should write this. Ryte has improved massively, he knows how to Administrate, he knows how to Moderate and he knows how to do Gamemaking as well. All of these prove that he knows what he is doing, he has experience in what he does, he has been a Moderator, Gamemaker and an Admin and the previous Staff Manager. I am pretty sure giving him another chance won't hurt, but that is as long the same mistakes from the past do not happen. On the staff team, all I've seen nothing but good  things from Ryte, he is helpful, he does events quite regularly and keeps everyone updated when he goes on LOA/Low Activity, he is well organised which proves he is fit to be the staff manager. Ryte knows when to be strict and when to not be strict and that is an important skill for a staff manager to have, he pretty much has all the skills a staff manager needs, he is honest, understanding and fair (not bias) etc, there are many more skills I could write down but there quite a lot to write down so a few will do. Also, his application is well written, looks clear and the colour scheme is on point, he has put a lot of effort into his application, his examples are on point. Overall, I think he is ready to be the new Staff Manager and I think he will do well.

Good Luck with your application Ryte!
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I was a part of the #BringRyteBack campaign ever since you were demoted. I thought you were a good Staff Manager then, and I'm sure you'd be good now for the most part. My concern is that you do have a known attitude problem. For example, on a thread within the last week, you made some very rude responses. This worries me that you won't be able to make constructive/positive/basically just not rude responses to people you need to(people on the forums, people on the server, your subordinates, etc.). Satia did a very good job at the depth, maturity, and respectful attitude in her responses and I think that's an extremely important characteristic to have as a Super. Even if I didn't like some of the judgements she made at least she communicated them in a way that was respectful enough for even the most disagreeing person to concede to. Just some advice to keep in mind if you are accepted for this position.

Edit: Changing my vote to a +1 after talking out some things with Ryte, I believe he knows about this issue(even wrote about it in his app) and it's something that he can work on/is working on.
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Okay so here we are, this was an app I didn't see coming, if anything I thought Ariel might apply.
I have actually spoken about you with others quite recently, there's been a big and good change from you, you're fun to be around, you're respectable and actually listen and speak with an open mind, you're not afraid to say shit like it is regardless of what it is. The team needs an actual leader, not someone who is afraid to speak out about problems but rather directly address them without fear of them being overly sensitive to criticism, I have always respected this about you.
If you can get the team back on track I'm more than down for an applicant like you to be back as SM.

My only issues reside with your current health, I hope you don't mind me bringing this up here but it does worry me, you need to look after yourself and fully make sure this is something you're going to be able to do for the long run, I'd hate to see you get affected by it and have it affect the way you run the team or having to take LOA to help get you back on track, although you have support form loved ones and friends, it's the only thing holding me back from a +1 right now.

Neutral and best of luck in your endeavours. 
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Last time you were Staff Manager, I personally never had a problem with you. I felt like you were approachable to talk about with issues and you weren't afraid to step up when needed to. You've definitely have come a long way since you were Staff Manager and I've seen so much improvements, I have a couple of concerns though, I don't want what happened last time to happen again, and also what Finkle said about your health. We're all here to support you in whatever you need for your health, but I'm just worried if being Staff Manager would be possibly too much to handle and put too much stress on yourself. Other than that, I wouldn't mind seeing you back. So Good luck :) 

Edit: Given thought about it, I’m changing my vote to a slight Neutral leaning towards a +1 , I believe you would be fit for the position, only concern is putting stress on your health. Between you and another applicant I think you’d both be fit for it. Good luck Ryte! 
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I haven't seen how you handle stuff by myself recently but I  no issues whatsoever with you being staff manager again, if you seriously believe you won't go back into what you were once. Because my personal experience, first you were a decent manager but you've become the shittiest so quickly. But before that honestly you were doing great, activity, communication, meetings and all that, you were doing great.

If you are sure that you want this position and you can handle it, u have my support. Gl 
Neutral to 1+

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