Sean's - HogwashRP Staff Manager Application

(1.) What is your SteamID and your Steam URL? 

(1a) What is your most common name for the SBS community? 
 Sean Ganon and Sean Blackfyre-Aeternalis

(1b.) How old are you? 

(2.) What position are you applying for? 
 HogwartsRP Staff Manager

(3.) When did you first join our server and how did you discover it? 
 I first joined Hogwarts back in December of 2017. I remember getting on the server very vividly because I had just gotten my new PC, and had just gotten GMOD. The SBS Hogwarts server was the first Gmod server I’d ever been on.

(4.) Community staff must be active at a higher standard when compared to staff, do you understand that you may be let go for inactivity? 
 Yes, I completely understand and comply with this. I actually think activity seems to be an issue sometimes with many higher ups. I’ve held a steady 40 hours a week +... Activity should never be a problem with me unless something dramatic happens or I go on vacation. 

(5.) Tell us about yourself and why you want to be staff on SBS? (100 words or less) 

(6.) What do you feel you need to improve on the most? 
My strictness. I’ve mentioned this in almost every staff app I’ve made and I’ve been constantly improving on this. I learn day after day to be more laid back when it comes to things that aren’t really necessary and when I need to get on the ball and be as authoritative as I need be. 
(7.) How would having you on staff benefit our server and what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants? 
- What sets me apart from the other applicants. I think what sets me aside from other applicants is that, in myself, I believe I show no bias what so ever. Yes, I do have a certain friend group and some I call family, but if they were to do something (rule breaking wise) I would treat them just how I would any other staff / VIP / regular player. 
- I also think what sets me apart is that I have a constant effort in loyalty and compassion to the server and the community. I’ve been with SBS for a while now, and no matter how sad, angry, disappointed I get, I always seem to be coming straight back to SBS. SBS “is my home” and I don’t think I’ll ever want to leave my friends and “family” I’ve made here. That being said, I also love leading, and going straight on with any team I’m with. I don’t want the attention, I just want to help in the biggest ways I can, and hell, I’d even do it in the shadows if I must. 
- Changes - I feel as though there are a couple things I'd want to clean up if put in the position.  I think that new trials should not be watched, but given a sort of a mentor. I also like the idea of not a "crackdown" but a more enforcement of the activity with staff. I can't remember all of them but I had some other thoughts of things I might want to change up a bit.
(8.) Have you been staff/are currently on any other servers? If so, which ones? (List them if possible) 
I have only ever been a significant staff member on SBS Hogwarts. 

(9.) How would you rate your skills overall out of 10 (EX: Patience, response time, etc)
Leadership - 10/10 - My highest scoring attribute, I consider myself to be a natural-born leader. I love stepping up and helping others, it’s just in my blood. I’ve held several leadership positions in my school / community / etc. When there is a time someone may need help, when there is a time a community may need help, or there’s a time to pop up and fix, help or do anything, I’ll always be one to do so. 
Communication - 8/10 - Communication is another strong suit for myself, I can be messaged through kik, snapchat (if you have my snap), the forums, discord, etc. My only problem would be that during the school day I may not be able to message back. Most of my classes do allow me to check and be on my phone, but a select few I cannot. (I do have 5 minutes in between classes where if something important comes up I can be on my phone.)
Kindness - 8/10 - I consider myself to be a very kind person to people who earn / deserve it. People who play off of my kindness, or try to take advantage of how I am as a person will not receive the same level of respect as someone I’ve just met / earned the trust of. 
Strictness - 7/10 - I am working on this one. There’s a time to be strict and there’s a time to be laid back and chill. I can be too strict at times, I know that. I know I also need to be more lenient on the rules at times. For a long time I’ve been working on this and my attitude which I believe both have improved greatly. 
Confidence - 6/10 - One thing I was worried the most about when I was applying was the response from the community, and if I was accepted how confident I would be running a staff meeting. I’m not an admin, nor have I been in the position on any server, but I know jumping straight from moderator to Staff Manager would be un-appealing in the eyes of most. But, I’ve been with the community for a long time, and been a staff member for almost half the time of been with the community, I know how things go and I know how things run. 
Activity - 8/10 - To be honest if you look at my steam hours it looks like a lot right now, but that’s because I was gone for a day and left my gmod open for like 30 hours lol. My gametracker will tell a different story and my steam will too. Being 100% honest I would say I have 40 - 50 hours a week on the server. 
Patience - 10/10 - I’m almost always putting myself in others’ shoes. In my mod app a long time ago I remember saying I was always looking in the smaller person perspective, I always try my hardest to be unbiased, and to always take others points of views because sometimes, actually, most of the time you aren’t always going to see eye to eye with others. My sister is a special needs child, so I’ve not only learned to be patient just with her, but to be patient with everyone in almost any situation. I don’t like talking over others (even tho I do accidently, I swear I never mean it lol.)
Approachability - 8/10 - I would say I’m a very approachable person. I like beng nice to others, I like answering questions and I like helping or just having one on one conversations with others. 

(10.) Please make a list of all previous staff applications, a link to them, and the reason they were locked. If you are no longer Staff on any SBS server(s), please give a short explanation of why you are no longer staff. (Disregard if this is your first application)
My Mod App (Accepted and still staff since than)
My Comm Aux App (David was chosen for position) 

(11.) (Optional) Provide examples of situations you would handle in the position you are applying for here and how you would handle them.
Staff Arguing with Other Staff Members - The Staff Team is a team for a reason. If anything there should be absolutely no arguing between staff. We’re a family, we’re all together and in this community for the same reason. To make it better. Wether it be taking sits or making fun events. In the event of staff having arguments I will personally talk one on one with both staff members. Figure out what is happening and try to resolve the issue to the best of my abilities. If necessary, I’d have to keep the two staff from communicating unless necessary, or possible demotions if things get too far and continuous.
Staff Members Abusing their Powers - Staff unless in a sit or helping with events or doing events are just like normal players. Staff should not be using their powers for simple things / RP situations (abuse of power could be a staff member !jail ing someone for no reason, going to and killing someone for no reason, flooing to the GY and then saving a snatch, etc.)  If I personally see a staff member doing this, or get proper evidence, I’d speak with that staff member and give them a warning / talk with them. 
A Staff Member Leaking Information  - Leaking information from meetings, private conversations, etc will not be tolerated. The only thing leaking information does is start drama and even chaos in some instances. In the case of someone leaking information, I would announce at a meeting that if anyone is leaking information that they are to come to me immediately or they will be demoted, and temporarily community banned. In the case where I do not know who is leaking, I would announce at a meeting the same as above, and in the end, whomever is leaking is almost always caught. Same punishment for both. 
Bias Staff Members - I feel bias is sometimes a real big issue with the staff team. I personally, will not allow it in any shape or form. Yes, small bias just comes with how someone is and that’s okay, but when it gets to the point where you’re deciding a ban based on bias, it will not be tolerated. Catching someone being bias would be hard, and difficult to sort through, but in the case where it is prominent, I will speak with said staff member. 
Inactive Staff Members / Staff Not Meeting Hour Goal not on LOA - Inactivity seems to be a big problem in the staff team. Honestly I can understand being LOA for a month, but if you aren’t making any effort at all to get on the server after being spoken with, sadly this will lead to a forced resignation or demotion. 
Drunken Staff on the Server - If you are coming onto the server drunk as a normal player that’s one thing. As a staff member it’s another. Staff can make very important decisions while on the server, such as banning someone, and admins can spawn in things, or change the map. I personally have never been drunk before, but I know staff are not in the right state of mind to be making important decisions whilst on the server. In all honesty, if a staff member were to come on the server drunk and I were given proper evidence I would first speak with them and possibly ask them to get off, staff really should not be drunk when on the server. 
Staff Reports (forums ) - Staff reports will always be left open so I can take in community response. As others have done / not done in the past, I will take community vote into my own consideration 100% of the time. Staff reports (with proper evidence), will take up a lot of my time, although they can be dealt with quick, I believe they should be looked through thoroughly and take up my time.  
Discord Arguments / Staff Arguing in Public Discords - Staff, like the staff arguing section I made above, should never be arguing in front of the community, we should be good examples and guides for the community. Arguing, and creating drama in a public discord will lead to a personal warning to both staff, and if continued a suspension, then sadly a demotion . 
Staff Member Contemplating Resignation - As Staff Manager, any staff member resigning is always a sad moment. If a staff member were to come up to me and say they were contemplating resignation, I’d speak with them, talk with them one on one, and see if we could sort out why they wanted to / will be resigning. I will never leave a staff member in the dust, whether they be with the team for years, or if they’re on the verge of resignation. 
Staff Not Passing Trial - Staff not passing trial is never a good thing, a simple talk with that staff, about why they did not pass and how they can better themselves. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my application! If you have any questions, any comments, or anything you'd like to say to me, you can always message me on the forums.  All feedback, whether good, or bad, is always appreciated, as it helps me improve. Thank you!

Edit; I'm not trying to be strict in all of my examples, I'm just simply giving out reason that would lead to demotion / suspension. Demotions and suspensions are in no way my first choice at all times, and yes they are rarely ever necessary. I would never be demotion-trigger-happy and never really would want to demote some, only in the most necessary cases would I ever have to.
Also, most of the situations I listed are in worst case scenarios, I probably should have said that but I wouldn’t go straight to punishment in ANYTHING. These situations are also based off of what ive been involved with, or have witnessed over my staffing experience. All are subject to change.
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Huge +1

Sean is a great person. He’s very professional. He’s shown he’s a leader and I believe he’d be great staff manager.

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I’m pretty toxic
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Huge +1;
I was really hoping you'd apply~
You are a great applicant, with a very well done application. You are very professional, and have shown in more ways then one what you can do as a leader. You are chill, but can also be tough when needed. You are one of the most helpful staff I see in the server and you care about the community and the team so much. You have patience. I believe you would do great in this position.
~ Kyrie Animus ~
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This is a strong -1 from me.

In terms of leadership, there's been times I have asked you for "help" and you play it off as some kind of joke, unless it's an e-girl in distress you do next to nothing to help anyone outside of the team from my perspective.

Kindness I feel like you need major work on, I came on and played as a house elf called Pablo, you didn't realise this was me at first and for the first time you treated me like a normal player, once I said it was me it went straight back to shitty attitude.

Confidence is something you lack, if you want a position this high up you'll need more of it.

Saying there should be no arguing between staff is a dream world, there will always be disputes and not every argument needs intervention, while it can be a nuisance sometimes you have to let people get it out in the open, arguing and debating is somewhat healthy when done correctly, I agree the team should be close and get along, not everyone will and that's clear to see from the outside even now, I could tell you who doesn't like who, you all make it very obvious.

Being drunk on the server = ban??
Very questionable, care to elaborate on that one please? Whilst yes if they are drunk banning people for no reason that can present problems, if they are still doing their jobs but are drunk I see no problem.

Talking to staff on why someone didn't pass trial?
See being staff this long I would have thought you would have known you take trials out the room when giving feedback/voting, then staff talk about the trials and give reasons on why they are good or bad, so asking staff individually after they give feedback on why they say they should or shouldn't pass is a waste of time for everyone.

Leaking staff information = instant demote and short cban?
Depending on what was leaked I can understand demoting but y'all need to revisit cbans and why they are used because honestly that's a big yikes, to ban someone from the community as a whole requires something a lot bigger than "leaking information".

This whole app just seems power grabby, I'd feel more confident in you if you can show actual leadership rather than just saying you're a "natural born leader".
Another thing is just how you treat people in sits, some people you talk to quite nicely, others like myself you talk to like shit, from the first sit you ever pulled me into was just straight shitty attitude and accusations without any evidence and that's been every sit since.

You have a lot to work on before gaining any promotion to higher positions, I believe firmly people can change and improve given the desire and drive, at present I see none of that from you, best of luck in the future Sean.

"I would never want to demote some"
Is this implying your impartial to some team members and would be more willing to ban some people over others?  

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I'm gonna have to agree with a few of Finkle's points on this.

My first thought seeing you post your app, Sean, was that you're a great mod, I've never seen you have any issues of any kind, and you clearly put a lot of effort into it on the first look.

However after reading it, I don't feel comfortable with you being staff manager. I feel as though a lot of your go-to's for dealing with situations is just demote, demote, cban.

I don't feel as though you're giving much leniency and lots of staff managers have failed in the past for this reason alone. If the team is afraid of slipping up because they're scared of you, they're gonna be less willing to listen to you and come to you for help if need be.

It's nothing against you, but I want to be honest, and I don't think a strict staff manager is what the team needs and because of that, I'm gonna have to go with -1.
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I agree with Finkle and Ariel.

Being drunk on the server? If you have never been drunk I don't think its the smartest thing to ban someone just because they are drunk. Personally, when I was staff, I staffed a few times whilst drunk and never had any complaints. It is all due to how people handle their alcohol and how they act when drunk. A lot of people know how to stay serious and do their jobs while drunk. If they are doing dumb shit, then sure. But if you ban solely on the fact they are drunk, thats dumb.

Community bans should not be a form of punishment for things staff related unless they actually do something cban worthy. (Remember what happened last time "short cbans" happened? It was a mistake and didn't go well at all) Staff shouldn't be cbanned for leaking. Demoted depending on what was leaked, yes. 

I think you would be way too strict, I have seen you be strict over silly things on the server plenty of times and your responses on this application just kind of verifies that you would be power hungry and strict. I don't really see you as approachable, I don't really see you as a leader personally, and you are too strict, those are things that you should try to work on. I think you need to be nicer to people when in sits, not talk down to people, and work on your attitude in general.

I hope you improve from the feedback you are getting, good luck, -1
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MASSIVE +1 From me - Sean Ganon you beautiful bastard. I am really happy you applied for staff Manager. You are a great guy who quite frankly deserve a chance at staff manager. You are active, You helped a lot in the past when I needed it with me being stupid to me shadowing you while you done sits or helping other players out. You are great at what you do and aren't a bad guy GL  Heart
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I think Sean would do well as the Staff Manager. I'm sure he wouldn't let us down, his application is well written and he is always improving which is good.
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I am toxic apparently.
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Out of the other applicants I can say proudly, that you are the best person for this type of role, not once have I seen you been bias towards anyone, you treat people equally, long time player or not.
When you pulled me for sits you're extremely nice and try to deal with it the best of your ability. You're active which is a huge + as well. I feel like I could actually put my faith in you as a staff manager and hopefully fix the problems that's going on in the staff team.

huge +1 from me.

No vote
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(09-23-2019, 06:52 PM)Sean Ganon Wrote:
Drunken Staff on the Server -
If you are coming onto the server drunk as a normal player that’s one thing.
As a staff member it’s another.

Staff can make very important decisions while on the server, such as banning someone, and admins can spawn in things, or change the map. I personally have never been drunk before, but I know staff are not in the right state of mind to be making important decisions whilst on the server. In all honesty, if a staff member were to come on the server drunk and I were given proper evidence I would first speak with them and possibly ask them to get off, staff really should not be drunk when on the server. 

Alcohol = depressant makes it harder to make judgments.
Staff = people who have a responsibility to make rapid judgments.
'staff should really not be drunk when on the server'.

I agree. Only an illogical or ignorant person who does not understand the effects of alcohol on the brain would object to this.
Common immediate symptoms of intoxication, including impulsive behavior (something staff are constantly criticized for, by the way)
slurred speech, poor memory, and slowed reflexes.

Maybe all this talk of staff 'burning out' might be a result of alcoholism!
Or maybe not. 
I know some people might respond differently to alcohol.
I for one, say very embarrassing things.
One can deeply appreciate a staff manager who could gently step in and say something along the lines of:
"let's not do that".

  It has always been this way.
Drinking and staffing paint a very degenerate view of the staff team.
It really doesn't need the help of drunkards to do this, so prohibiting alcohol consumption for active staff would be a sensible idea.

You seem sensible, and all about encouraging discussion.
Your record is also praiseworthy. No unfortunate stains riddled with blackguards, madmen, or beasts.
Nothing like that at all.

What sets you apart, methinks, might be the fact you not only are fair and approachable but also principled.
You actually have standards that are not loose or interpretative: but clearly defined.

You know that food addon I was pushing for?
Let's just pretend I never did that c: 
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