Sean's - HogwashRP Staff Manager Application

I don't feel like I know you well enough to make a judgment yet, but I will tell people that from what I have gotten to know about you is that you are a great mod that has always helped me when help is needed. When you are RP'ing you follow the rules, and you are also chill while still enforcing the rules well. I have not gotten to know the bad side that people are talking about, but again I Haven't known you for that long as well. 
Good luck on your journey.

Everything Finkle said. 
(i forgot what his name was)

Neutral going to-1
Sorry, but good luck.
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Your a good guy Sean, Dont get me wrong I love our little laughs on the server,Discord and TS. But I just dont think your ready for this type of position of Authority on the server. I dont believe that you will be able to hold this position with what comes with it. I think your at a good spot as moderator and I totally see you in the Position of Staff manager or Admin in the future if you
-Became more mature in RP situations
-Become more approchable
-Dont be hesitant to Punish people
-Become more Social and friendly with everyone on the server
My vote will Stand a -1 right now
I wish you the best of luck in your Application!
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