(1) What is your in-game name & Steam ID? -

Raven Heart-Dragon

(2) What type of event is this? (Passive RP, Forum announced, etc.) -

So in the spirit of Halloween i thought it would be a very fun idea to have a spooky event  based off the Tv show


Its an older Tv show of course but it would be half passive and half announced as the build up to the end finally!!!

(3) What are the details of this event and now will it be run? -

~Starting of event~

Its the beginning of the Halloween spirit and Hogwarts is getting ready putting up decorations, carving pumpkins and even hanging the hufflepuffs in the rafters but they got them down safely,
a fog rolls in towards Hogwarts slowly into the halls from outside. a wicked laugh echoes through the hall, a grate hall is called to find out where this mysterious fog came from as the weather permitted a nice day out for the school.

Soon all of a sudden a stranger walk tho the grate hall dressed as a witch from the 18th century she walks over towards the headmaster and some "rp" acting happends

(basically a introduction to the Spooky godmother)

~2nd Stage~

the teachers try and get the Spooky godmother out of the school so nothing "bad would happen"

In this stage the Godmother will be granting Halloween type wishes like:

~if someone wanted to be a werewolf they can be turned into a werewolf
~if they want candy they will get it
~if they want to be any Halloween monster they can be with in reason

just Halloween stuff only as she is the Spooky godmother

~stage 3~

Now the fun times begin

The spooky god mother caste a spell that turns those who had been turned into "monster" into the real deal now there are a bunch of spooky shit happening around and the students of Hogwarts that didn't get turned into monsters have to find and catch the spooky godmother while fighting the students that have been turned into monsters

Now this is where arouns with cuffs come in you are going to have to cuff the spooky godmother and put her in jail in the restricted section if she isnt she can escape and run again!!

when she is captured she will turn everyone back and leave Hogwarts for good

(4) What problems could arise and how could the be remedied? -

unnecessary killing
mic spamming in grate hall
Dfs using avada on students
Might take a while to catch the spooky godmother
snatching students or random people

Side note:

this is only for the month of Halloween more towards the 31 if this even is accepted will be better!

If you got any questions feel free to contact me
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this would be sick ngl

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Fat +1

I high key love that movie/show. It was probably one of the first things I ever watched and I watch it almost every year.
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@Jackie Sanguis event totally
May Jackie be in out souls :(
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For someone who’s played on the server since the dawn of time you really do know what to go for when making an event that strikes originality. Completely out of the ordinary and really do hope this event, if it goes through, goes really well. 

I’m going +1 for this to happen 
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