Name appeal on the name Ninjego

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(1) What is your current ingame name and SteamID? - Nino Young - STEAM_0:0:172521447

(2) What is the name you are requesting? - Ninjego

(3) Why is this name not allowed by the Hogwarts staff? - Its too close to Ninjago - The lego models

(3a) If you remember the name of the staff member that requested you to change your name, who was it? - Lydia Snow

(4) Why should this name be allowed? - Because I dont think its something of Ninjago. I've had this name on the server for over 2 months now and the over 7 years irl. (None else is gonna use the name)

I'm Neutral on this.

I don't see much of a problem with it, but I can see how it can be a problem.
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way to close to the Tv show name you need to change it more

Tagging @Michael Classicius this is for you boyos
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+1 seems harmless enough
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I mean its not a rp name so -1
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Name appeal Accepted by Micheal Classicus.

You may now use this name freely on the server.
In the future if a staff member requests you to change it, simply refer them to this thread.

Congratulations and happy rping.!
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