Ready for Surgery....

Call upon the magic words:

"Medics are here!"

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Retired from Staff (Click) - August 2nd 2019

Clone Wars RP: ( Medic Corps )
CMT 1074 Sushi: June 25th 2019 
CMFC: September 1st 2019 
CMTS: September 18th 2019 
CMLC: October 8th 2019
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Shit, that was epic
Colonel Mcree/CTFC 3004 Moose | Lewis Mcree-Nova
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Clone Wars Mod
CO of the 212th Attack Battalion | 41st Trooper
Former 2x Hogwarts Mod
Wizengamot Justice | Improper Use of Magic | Heir of Ravenclaw

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Looking great!

The bacta never stops flowing, may the medics eternally resurrect each other
"Power courses through me!"
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