Staff discretion should be able to apply here

Ironic that someone with epilepsy can also look at a quickly flashing light

1:44 in this video
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If the issue was the bouncing staff can't punish players for something out of their
control, you bounce if you're pegged somewhere and your feet are off the ground.
It's just part of the game which you know about since you've been snatched before
and hung up somewhere more than once.

As pointed out you've been playing the server since March so you know about the spells
and the bouncing and if you do have epilepsy you should definitely have safeguards
in place by now. 
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I am also epileptic and would like the staff to turn the lights off on the server. thank you.
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Um thread Locked.

This was not handled properly.
ALOT OF PERSONAL INFORMATION was revealed here, most if not all we did not need to know.
In the future keep this private.

In a community like this on a game server there is not much we can do towards your condition, youd have to not play and that's basically it. You talking about the things that happened to you with such detai is just you setting yourself up for disaster.

Never do things like this
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