James Cringle Nword

(1) What is your in game name and Steam ID? - Victor Animus Pickroth, STEAM_0:0:50947818

(2) What is their name? - James Cringle

(3) What is their Steam ID? - STEAM_1:1:194428569

(4) What did they do wrong? - Saying the Nword

(5) Evidence. (Must be provided) - https://plays.tv/video/5d9e2be13929a77d12/nword-
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Not sure if its the clip, or my headset, but the audio is very very quiet. It sounded like the n word though so /shrug

I spoke to him about it, and he told me he said "Wigger"

So loop holing the n word I guess?

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Player was spoken to in game

Report Accepted

plz lock 

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Fantastic thread locked
Death does not come easy.. you have to work for it

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Every Bone Every Muscle EVERY INCH!

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