Trying to think ahead of when I can be getting on the server on a daily basis rather than doing pop-ups for an hour or so and just leave like I’ve been doing 1-2 times a week. Quite frankly, it’ll be a while before I can get that availability. Going to be visiting family which requires me working a lot and saving up money. I’ll still be looking out on the forums and seeing what’s going on. For those who are really close with me on the server will already know when I’m returning. Until Then....

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Have a lovely break hope to see you soon
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Alone forever

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Have a good break krepsie! i hope you have a good time ill give you galleons when you get back!
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Have a good break!
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enjoy your break sir
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Cya around Krepsie, Hogwarts will not be safe anymore without you.

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I'm gonna miss saying hi to you at your statue spot LUL
Enjoy your break!
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aw man, now where am I going to get galleons from. JK lol. Wish you the best of luck. see you soon hopefully. Till then peace out.

Have a good time seeing family and remember "I'm always watching"

Cya around soon my son
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