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My Spell Binding letters aren't working, when I click P for spongify the spell doesn't come up. I've restarted Gmod too. Help me please!!

1. go to spell binding 
2. make sure your on the right spell tree the original "spell tree" is called Alpha unless you set it to something else chose that one
3. equip the alpha tree and if your spells dont work or you dont see them as binded you can re bind them underneath where it says bind spell 

Hope this works or helps if not you can msg me on the forms and i can try and help you out further
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I'm not sure if this happens for other people, but if I have a key binded through gmod it wont let me select the spell. Make sure you have nothing binded to P
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How can I keybind through anything BUT gmod???

(10-25-2019, 10:27 AM)sam.n.wise Wrote: How can I keybind through anything BUT gmod???

With the wand you can make keybinds for spells.
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