The names Kennajin

Howdy, there my dudes it's the mythical magical Kennajin(If you ever been in the same community as me I used to be known as FrostFire) I am an Ex-Jailbreak addict and currently recovering from the game modes death as of a few years ago. Decided I need to finally get my ass back into a new community and start fresh. I will probably be playing on Hogwarts RP the most! I also play league of legends and rogue likes such as The Binding of Isaac, FTL, and Dead Cells. I also recently started playing Minecraft again. I hope you guys accept me into this so far seemingly wonderful place

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Hi Kennajin!

I'm happy that you've found a new community that you enjoy playing on :) If you ever see me on the Hogwarts server, I'd love if you said hi!
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Hey man!
wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy the server
If you ever see me around don't be afraid to say hello, I love meeting new people on the server

Welcome to the community and enjoy your stay!
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Welcome I hope you found what you're looking for!

Welcome to the community! If you have any questions feel free to message me on forums or in game.
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Hello! I hope you enjoy your time here and welcome to the community!

If you have any problems or concerns or if you just need any help, feel free to PM me! :)
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Friendly gud boi back at it again
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