Name Appeal Request: Jackie Blackie

(1) What is your current ingame name and SteamID? - Jackie Black
Steam ID STEAM0:0:96238289

(2) What is the name you are requesting? - Jackie Blackie

(3) Why is this name not allowed by the Hogwarts staff? - Staff member made me change my name because it was Innapropriate for undisclosed reason
(3a) If you remember the name of the staff member that requested you to change your name, who was it? - Don’t remember as this was 2/3 weeks ago

(4) Why should this name be allowed? - 
When I started this server I’d basically never played gmod or proper serious role play before, only D&D esk type games but I've always loved making characters. I messed around with different characters but nothing stuck. One day in class I was told that a rhyming name is good for characters that like to pronounce themselves and be the centre of attention, so after watching school of rock Jackie Blackie was born. He went into every class and told everyone “sorry I’m late teach, my name is Jackie Blackie and I've come to learn!”. Every student knew his name by his first day at school. He befriended as many people as he could helping the teach with explaining or answering questions they had with a heartfelt speech. Jackie Blackie was so popular that someone set up an Instagram account for him @jackieqblackie and he posts about his adventures on there. Jackie Blackie went to a prefect meeting with Myranda and Jackie gave an electrifying speech about how the female admins of this server were damn great, and so is Ross but Jackie hasn't met most of the other admins. One day when Jackie Blackie reaches master prestige 7 he will return to these very forums, he will make another post, and he will become the best damn trial moderator in the bidness. Until then Jackie Blackie will roam the halls, Jackie Blackie will help students how he can, Jackie Blackie will arrest all these mic spamming, disrespectful, racist, annoying, minges. Jackie Blackie will make SBS proud of his tale from first-year noob to Admin supreme. All that stands in his way is gaining his real name. Jackie. Blackie.
When Jackie walks down the hall, someone will shout JACKIE BLACKIE! and Jackie Blackie will return with an even louder JACKIE BLACKIE to boost the morale of all those who hear it. When a teacher sees me, they know the class will be good cause Jackie can teach, and Jackie can assist where necessary. The amazing mods and admins like Hazel, Bathilda, Myranda, Dea, Ross, and all those other cool cats know my name as Jackie Blackie. Jackie went up to them. He pierced his lips. He asked them a question. His question was this. Do you think? Jackie Blackie... Is okay? As a name? They responded. Almost immediately. They said with a look. A look of happiness. Knowing Jackie Blackie would return. Yes Jackie. I don't see an issue with that. So here Jackie Blackie is. Wanting to know from the powers that be. Whether the most committed roleplayer. Can be called his name. Cause everyone else calls him it. And that will never stop. So let Jackie be who he was meant to be. Jackie Blackie. 

If it sweetens the deal. Jackie thought yall should know. That is VIP is on a Black Friday sale. Jackie will be purchasing. And giving the best damn speeches. As Dumbledizzle. 

That was Jackie Blackies forum name appeal. Peace

Edit: The reason my post is written with Jackie Blackie every 5 seconds is to show my character and the pauses when he's speaking. It is serious nethertheless and I'll rewrite this is neccisary but the format was to convey how much I care about this character. To elimate any points like this then read the following.

I love the character I created and I really wanna continue playing him. I got the Jackie Black name approved because I believed I needed to take steps to show everyone this isn't a mingelike character. He is developing as a person and helping me a lot irl just being able to enjoy myself and make some people laugh. People in the game refer to me as the name regardless of my username anyway. When I was Jackie Blackie - Jackie Blackie, Jackie Black - Jackie Blackie, Black-Jack, Jackie Blackie, Quackie Black, Jackie Blackie. My character is know so much that at this point I feel like it wouldn't be the character to not have his name offical. You can keep a close eye on me and make sure I'm up to parr. Just let me play my character and have a certain detail that will be the regardless in the end.
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Wasn't this name appeal accepted already

I don't think putting ie at the end of your name should change anything

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Okay when I told you to appeal this, I didn't mean you should start spamming Jackie Blackie everywhere. This is a serious appeal. Nevertheless, I'll ignore that part because I know how serious you actually are about this.

Jackie is a very friendly person. I haven't had a single issue with him and I honestly don't know why the name was denied in the first place. It is an actual name. I can also confirm that people know Jackie by this name and that is what he is always called. 


Edit: He appealed the name "Jackie Black" before. I believe he appealed that after a staff member told him to change Jackie Blackie and he changed it to Jackie Black which was also apparently a bad name.
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It was alright accepted!!
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The name is Raven
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Bring back Jackie Blackie. Jackie Black just isn't the same.
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+1  The name Jackie Black was accepted, but bring back the original last name Blackie, nothing wrong with it.
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Name Appeal was already accepted by Michael.

You are still welcomed to use the name, if any Staff pull you and inform you that you cannot use the name, please direct them to this thread and say that Michael approved the name already. I also do get that there is some added words, but I don't see a harm in the name anyway? It's literally the same thing name, just 2 added letters which aren't of any harm.

Thread Locked. 
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