Jack's Halo Staff Manager Application (Updated)

I'd like to thank anyone for commenting and giving me any positive feedback or any criticsm.

(1.) What is your SteamID and your Steam URL? -

(1a) What is your most common name for the SBS community? -
Jack Nightmare.
Common Name on Halo is: PFC 'Whiteland' Jack, INF Socii Reza and PVT 'Lars' Hans.

(1b.) How old are you? -
I am currently 16 years of age.

(2.) What position are you applying for? -
Halo Staff Manager

(3.) When did you first join our server and how did you discover it? -
Well, I actually joined the server 4 monhs ago but I didn't play for a bit but I came back and am now a Gamemaker. I became a Gamemaker to help out as I knew more GM's was need to do GM'ing.


(4.) Community staff must be active at a higher standard when compared to staff, do you understand that you may be let go for inactivity? -
I understand this, I wouldn't expect anything else.

(5.) Tell us about yourself and why you want to be staff on SBS? (100 words or less) -
Right I am going to go into detail about my self, I am someone that truly loves sport, especially Football, it's my hobby. I also like to lead things, it's my strong point, I know how to lead and If I were to be accepted as staff manager, I'll be more than willing to step up and act as an professional staff manager. Another thing that I like is Garry's Mod, the main servers I go on is the SBS HWRP Server and SBS Halo RP Server. It's the only servers I find interesting because I see them going places, well they are already going places.


(6.) What do you feel you need to improve on the most? -
I'll be honest here, I need to improve on my confidence and my awarenesss.

(7.) How would having you on staff benefit our server and what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants? -
I have a lot of experience leading things. My communication and leadership skills aren't bad in my opinion as I have lead many things, I have lead staff teams before, I have managed servers and I have mainly done moderating throughout my time on Garry's Mod and I have also done Gamemaking (Event Making) as well throughout my time on Garry's Mod. Ultimately, I have experience in Moderating, Gamemaking and Leading teams.


(8.) Have you been staff/are currently on any other servers? If so, which ones? (List them if possible) -
SBS HWRP Moderator - Present.
SBS HaloRP Gamemaker - Present.
CityRP Gaming Senior-Admin - Not present.
ApexGaming Super Admin - Not present.
H.D Gaming Gamemaster - Not present.
FreeRP Head Of Staff - Not present.
Insomnia Gaming Super Admin - Not present.

(9.) How would you rate your skills overall out of 10 (EX: Patience, response time, etc) -

Patience 9/10 -
When it things tend to take a while, I make sure to remain patient, being unpatient isn't too good because it can make you lose your temper easily.

Professionalism 8/10 -
When it comes to important things, I make sure to remain professional, especially within staff meetings and when moderating/or Gamemaking.

Leadership 9/10 -
I will admit this has improved massively, I know how to lead teams as I have before and I have experience in doing so.

Fairness 10/10 -
I always remain fair in all situations, being unfair is just bias and isn't appropriate or professional. I do not take sides at all, I always remain neutral in serious situations.

Maturity 9/10 -
I am mature when I must be but I will admit I can joke about but when it comes to serious situations or times, I make sure to remain mature.

Co-Operation 9/10 -
I get along with people easily, especially new people I meet, I like to talk to new people and get to know them. I, personally, get a long with many people within this community.

Ability to work under-pressure 8/10 -
I will admit this has improved, I am now able to work more sufficently in tought situations and I also try my best to find the best outcome in tough situations.

Teamwork 9/10 -
I like to work as a team, and that's partly the reason why I am applying for staff manager, I'd like to work with the staff team further and would like to useful changes to the staff team.

Confidence 8/10 -
This has improved, over the past few weeks/months, it's improved ever since I've become a Moderator on the HWRP Server and a Gamemaker on the HaloRP Server.

(10.) Please make a list of all previous staff applications, a link to them, and the reason they were locked. If you are no longer Staff on any SBS server(s), please give a short explanation of why you are no longer staff. (Disregard if this is your first application) -

- Denied, was Locked.

- Requested the thread to be locked.

- Locked for 30 days+ old.

- Denied, got Locked.

- Requested this Application to be locked.

- This Application got Accepted.

- Requested the thread to be locked.

- Denied, got Locked.

- Requested the thread to be locked.

(11.) (Optional) Provide examples of situations you would handle in the position you are applying for here and how you would handle them. -

Spoiler: Gamemakers
Spoiler: Moderators
Spoiler: Inactive Staff
Spoiler: Under Performing Staff
Spoiler: Staff Time Requirement
Spoiler: Staff Leaking
Spoiler: Staff Abuse
Spoiler: Staff Game Night
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Jack Tolkien-Grayson
Jack Nightmare
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November 18th 2018
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Idk if you intentionally left it out or not, but weren't you a GM for H.D.Gaming?

Overall -1, don't think you have the skill set for SM as of yet, you need to grow more as a person.

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I can agree with Finkel you dont seem to have the neccary skills for any higher up position I would even argue that you dont have the right skill set to be a Moderator/Gamemaker

Sorry Jack to me this looks like a powergrap.


Yes Jack is a Moderator on HWRP and GM on Halo,

But when you get to know Jack, He isn very approchabel and is a good canidate for the job. By being mod and GM, Shows that he is responsible and can do both Events and moderation on 2 different servers and shows the responsibility of making enough time on each server. I believe Jack would be the best fit for this Job

Good Luck Jack!
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Thank you for your Feedback Finkle and Shine.

Finkle I was actually Staff on H.D over 2/3 months ago, that is well gone now and my main focus is on the Hogwarts and Halo Server. Also, Shine sorry if it looks like a power grab, I am doing it to make a good change to the Staff Team, I'm wanting to lead the team to greater success. I am also doing it to make sure the Staff Team is back on track, I never meant for this to look like a power grab. Again, I do apologise and I will listen to both of your criticism. I do feel like I am ready to be the Staff Manager on Halo, but I am sorry if you don't think I am Finkle, I do respect your opinion and criticism. Thank you both for replying.
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Jack Tolkien-Grayson
Jack Nightmare
Event Character Name: Ensign Josh
PFC 'Josh' Grange
Hogwarts Moderator > 07/07/19 - 02/04/20
Halo Gamemaker
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November 18th 2018
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Huge -1
I don’t see you on halo as I don’t play on that server but I completely agree with Finkle and Shine. 
Also, regardless of the fact of if H.D. Gaming went downhill or not, you still staffed there as a GM and neglected to put that on your application. 
You can also be super sensitive to the slightest words/scenarios and get very dramatic, which is not something that the team needs as a manager.
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Due to experiences I've encountered with you I don't believe you are fit nor would I trust you with a managerial position in the community.

Best of luck 
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Huge -1

After having many interactions with you ingame and on a personal level, I do not think you would be suitable for a managerial role. Once you have an opinion in your head about someone, no one is allowed to have theirs and you get very angry and upset if they differ from yours so asking staff for opinions or feedback of another player will not be taken on board from you and you already have your own opinion in your head. You can't do things on your own, you always seek for approval even if they are not staff, always looking for approval from players. You were/are a gamemaker on HD gaming which you failed to mention also. With you being a moderator on HWRP and a gamemaker on Halo, when will you have time to be a manager? too much, too fast, too soon. You need to learn to stand on your own two feet, trust others and take criticism and stop making drama. I agree with comments what people have said about your application from the HWRP server.

Edit:- Its not the matter of you feeling ready to be a staff manager its whether people think you are mature enough and resonsible enough to be released on the community and regardles of personal experiences, professionally... I don't think you are!
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Hey Allia, so first of all, thank you for your reply, I do appreciate it. Also, I have mentioned the HD in the Application, it is there as I put it in the Application long back when I edited it. I understand why you don't support me because of personal disagreements we have had and I respect that. Also, I feel like I would be ready because it isn't really affecting me being a Moderator on the HWRP Server and a Gamemaker on the Halo Server. Thank you for your honesty.

Edit: Okay that's fine, I respect your opinion and what you think, thank you for the honesty and the criticism Allia.
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Jack Tolkien-Grayson
Jack Nightmare
Event Character Name: Ensign Josh
PFC 'Josh' Grange
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November 18th 2018
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I'm not sure if you're quite ready for this position, this position requires A LOT of responsibility and you're already doing enough as it is. You're a GM on HaloRP and you're a moderator on Hogwarts, I think you should wait a little bit before applying for this type of position, I have nothing against you Jack, I  don't think you're ready JUST yet. Neutral to +1
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