Dragon Buck Glitch

        When the dragon bucks players off they can be knocked into inaccessible areas, the only way to get out is to re-log, spells don't hit.

Have you tried switching jobs?
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Switching jobs also works. Not much can be done about this. If you see a dragon purposely getting people stuck with it record them if possible and report it
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Switch jobs, use home teleport, have a staff member TP you (if any are on), or relog.

It's annoying, but the best thing to do is just record it if you can.
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If a dragon is intentionally doing it, it's map exploiting.
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(11-07-2019, 02:51 AM)Garrus Vakarian Wrote: If a dragon is intentionally doing it, it's map exploiting.

as Edgar said make sure report if they r doing it on purpose but there are plenty of things you can do that arent hard stated on other replies

Yeah this problem can be easily avoided if you just switch jobs, this can be abused so just make sure people aren't doing it purposely and keep an eye on people to see if they are map exploiting. There is nothing that can really be done. ronwtf
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