Hogwart's First Ever Motor Race

Hi everyone!

Hogwarts will be hosting its first ever motor race! A track is being set up that will cover both inside and outside the school grounds. The track will be challenging, featuring sharp turns and obstacles.

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The event will be made up of multiple qualifying races that all end with one final championship race!
Each qualifying race will have five drivers that have to go three laps, and the winner of that race will have a spot in the championship race.
The amount of qualifying races is not certain, but will be 3-5 races depending on how many people sign up, so there will be that many drivers in the final race!

The winner of each qualifying race will receive a 250,000 Galleon prize!
And the winner of the final championship race will receive either VIP or a custom job whitelist of their choosing, generously given by @The Guy, along with a 500,000 Galleon prize!

The event will take place on Sunday, November 10th at about 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.
 Signups for the event will take place on the server and will start around an hour beforehand, so if you'd like to take part in it, be sure to get on early!

As a reminder, there will be no fighting or snatching for those taking part in or watching the event.
Also interfering with the race or cars in any way can get you in trouble by being kicked or banned. 
And please be courteous to each other :)

Thank you for reading! Heart
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This looks like so much fun Sibyl!! I’m very excited to see it, you’re an amazing gm.
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Imagine having these kinds of events when it isn't middle of the night for EU players.
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(11-07-2019, 11:58 PM)Accalia W. d\Aquitaine Wrote: Imagine having these kinds of events when it isn't middle of the night for EU players.

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Swear i'v seen this before?
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Plz play Mario Kart Music during the event!! This is an awesome idea, can't wait to see how it goes!

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Wouldn't say first...

I don't mean to be a buzz kill but the server just went offline for some reason

wutface wutface

Oops never mind
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Imagine if EU players could actually attend these events but it looks good sibyl
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Yo this seems super dope, can't wait!
and I also like the idea of the Mario theme song playing 

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