Refund money if hitman dies

(11-08-2019, 11:02 PM)Nick Greengrass Wrote:
(11-08-2019, 10:57 PM)Kyrie Animus-Knight [Axel Dragon] Wrote: Neutral on this;
Only issue I see is what if the player who placed the hit, then logs before the hit is complete. 
Overall I'm not a huge fan of the job and how it can just roam around, but this could be the issue multiple ways.
Perhaps have it so that the hitman carries the money with him, but if he dies then it is dropped in the place of death for whomever to gather.

If that happened wouldn't it be worse cause then the hitman could force reveal himself and let his friend kill him and his friend could take the money

Another possibility is that he just Kills himself in a secluded area and gets the money back anyways
I personally think the money should be held in a safe space
If the escapee leaves the server, dies, doesn't do the job he was paid to do, the money goes back to the customer
If the customer logs off, or if the escapee gets the hit, The money goes to the Escapee
I personally haven't run into a situation like this with an escapee but I am sure you could report them for the time being but I think the job definitely needs a rework in this aspect (and many other aspects) if this is something that happens often
Edit: wording issues

+1 right now it can be abused so if you can't find the target you can kill yourself and you keep the money if you die the person who requested the hit should get their money back at least
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+1 I guess I've had too much money to notice
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The way it currently works doesn't make sense. When the hitman attempts a hit, it begins a fight, why should the hitman be paid if he loses the fight? That's before you even consider the potential for abuse by intentional suicide. You're hiring the hitman to kill someone. You shouldn't have to pay him unless he does.

The money should be taken from the client when the hit is placed (into an imaginary escrow), if the hit is successful then the money should be released to the hitman, if the hit is failed (hitman dies, or target dies by means other than hitman), the money should be released back to the client.
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Big +1 
Ive had it happen multiple times where I place a hit, and the hitman just leaves only to see he killed himself 10 seconds after. Bye bye 20k

+1 same reasons as others
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(11-11-2019, 05:53 PM)Jacktot Wrote: +1 same reasons as others

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What if a hit man gets money from someone and they go do other forms of RP elsewhere and forgets to do their duty? 

That’s basically taking money from people. If you don’t perform the task then they should get their galleons back. 

+1 for me
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I lost so much money because of this and mostly my hits do not get killed!
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Same reason as above.
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