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I had an thought,
XP takes a long time to receive by playing the game with or without the VIP option to go to every homework class.
Then I had an idea,
What if in certain holiday events you could gain a little bit of extra XP. 
For Examples, 
A Christmas one could be, being able to give a gift to someone as if it was a homework book them receiving 20xp, But to make it fair, you can only accept and give 1 present per period on Hogwarts. 
Another Example could be a Easter Egg hunt for Easter, where you collect as many eggs as you can and receive 5xp per egg, making it if someone finds lots of eggs they don't get a tremendous amount of XP.
Halloween, Trick or Treating, Admins could set up small houses around the school and near Quidditch pitch and have some people handing out candy gaining a small amount of XP from each.

It's totally okay if no one agrees with me, but I would love to hear everyone's opinion :)
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It would be a pretty cool thing to do and i do think it would be nice, but Guy has a really tight control on XP gain and making sure it keeps the rank up time table within its boundaries. As such, most of the holiday events tend to lean towards VIP Giveaways and the like. +1 from me. Hope Guy likes it too and wants to do something with it because ultimately its up to him.
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After Reading this we can do major events in the holidays, Like halloween Easter and all those ones and we do some sort of thing that gains XP
Tho we will need a addon or something depending on the prop or thing we need so IDK if guy will go through making that
But If I were a GM this would be Heaps cool
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This sounds like a fantastic idea but at the same time we have to think about the players who would be disadvantaged (Master Prestige Players). "A Christmas one could be, being able to give a gift to someone as if it was a homework book them receiving 20xp, But to make it fair, you can only accept and give 1 present per period on Hogwarts" I highly disagree with that. 20xp Seems like a lot especially if you can get it every class period that's like getting double homework. Overall this could be a good idea if planned out well and executed well.
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Obviously this could be a really good side event for the holidays which it will make newer players more active and help them level up and prestige faster.Not to mention they ll stop complaining about not having VIP to help them grind with exp.Furthermore this could be a fair and balanced addon since it will take part only in holidays. 
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I don't think guy is going to do anything that would increase xp gain.
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I agree with Jerome. I don't think guy wants to touch anything related to the xp again. If anyone manages to exploit what you're trying to suggest, they will keep the xp, and I don't think that's fair for other players, nor the people who spent the time to develop and make the system precise. -1

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As cool as this idea sounds the chances of it happening I don't think exists.
I hate to be the one to say it but in the "Common Suggestions & Answers" thread there's a section that says this:

Quote:Modify the XP gained in some form (better homework, farming XP in the Library, NPCs that drop XP, etc.).

Our owner has worked hard in balancing the prestige system in the way he sees fit. After various tests and hard thinking, he's come to the decision that any modification that makes leveling quicker will not be accepted. The current leveling system is tremendously quicker than the old one and it is not being changed.

Other than that, the idea of it sounds cool but I don't think XP should be what's given. But there's not a lot of things that can replace it. I mean possibly galleons but they don't really have a use.

I have always held events with rewards to be a little repugnant.
Unless it's a VIP giveaway or something--- 

Even if this idea were implemented,
I would not be on board with it!
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(11-10-2019, 10:55 AM)Jerome Wrote: I don't think guy is going to do anything that would increase xp gain.

I agree. He already made it pretty easy to level and prestige
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