Unban me plz

(1) What is your current ingame name and SteamID? -  Mrs Lionheart, NiceGuysGetLaid

(2) What is the name you are requesting? - Mrs. Lionheart

(3) Why is this name not allowed by the Hogwarts staff? - Because Mr Lionheart is a grumpy lover and i think we are now divorced

(3a) If you remember the name of the staff member that requested you to change your name, who was it? - something Lionheart

(4) Why should this name be allowed? - it was just a joke I was gonna change it to Bronson Filgrage but Mr lionheart has no sense of humour plz unban me ill be good

Name in question is not allowed, please read the name rules.
As for the ban I need more information from you or ryte.

i think you filled out the wrong format, I think you are trying to appeal a ban? This is the name appeal format

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Are you trying to appeal a ban or request a name that was denied? If you're trying to appeal the ban then you're in the wrong sub section. This is to appeal a name.
Tho I'd suggest taking the ban appeal itself a bit more seriously if you're trying to appeal a ban.
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1. "Mrs" is a title, not a valid first name.
2. "Lionheart" is an existing server family surname. If Ryte or Ariel say you cannot use it, then you must pick a unique last name.

I suggest that you read the name rules in the rule compendium and stop picking on the Lionhearts.

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Refer to the compendium for the name rules. Single names only apply to specific scenarios and Lionheart has already been claimed.

Appeal denied. Cannot tag, on mobile.
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Thread Locked.
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