Ban Appeal

(1) In-game name: AB Malito (AMN Donowitz)

(2) Your Steam ID:

(3) Name of Admin/Staff who banned you: Sterling

(4) Was it a Temp or Permanent Ban: 2 days

(5) Have you been banned on any SBS server before? If so, approximately how many times? Once before this.

(6) Have you been banned within the last week? No I haven't been banned for the past month

(7) Why were you banned in this instance? I was banned for no intent to role play

(8 ) Do you think you deserved the ban? Absolutely not

(9) Why should you be unbanned? I was role playing the entire time. Not once have I broken RP in this server

(10) Have you learned your lesson from this ban? I mean not really. Am I not supposed to role play anymore?

(11) Provide a Screenshot of the message that appears when you try to join the server:

@Albert Sterling ban apple for you

also please provide a screenshot of your ban message
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Okay so I joined late ish. But this is what I know. 

You were publicly executed for breaking a bunch of rp rules and over time they added up. I’m not sure what exactly but that’s all I know. But that execution is pretty much an rp warning. Shortly after your execution, there was a ceremony being held and during that ceremony you walked away to the South Gate and climbed the ladder on the right side of it so we had to get someone to tell you to come back. On your way back you walked onto the stage and jumped off it in front of the person running it instead of going around it. Once that ceremony had finished you were asked to run 20 laps in the large sim room. On your way there you decided to crawl down the hallway instead of walking. Once we got there and you were meant to start running your laps, you were crawling at the start then started walking. After some time you started running and tried cutting across the middle of the room instead of running the whole lap. One of your higher ups had to go over and shoot warning shots by your feet and tell you to run the whole lap. I’m not sure of the whole interaction between you two but I saw you point your gun back at him. Some time passed again but not much, on one of your laps you decided to go out the door instead of continuing your lap. Some of us had to go out and try to find you, and you were found sitting on the door to the brig while it was closed so realistically you’d be crushed. And you eventually went back to the large sim room. Somewhere during all this you got demoted which should count as another warning. You weren’t taking anything seriously from what I saw and I believe it’s a serious rp server. All of this you could of said in your appeal but instead someone else had to say it. And because of this, your appeal doesn’t look that thought out and that you actually want to he unbanned. -1

If you had explained anything I would of +1’d

All of this is from what I saw. I don’t know 100% of the details. 
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Now I wasn't there... But a PK and a ban for what was essentially RP bordering on fail-rp is to great a punishment. Yes his RP is that unbecoming of a soldier, but this punishment is unwarranted towards one of the most avid RP-ers on the server. If anything, constent PT would be a better punishment for him. Not this... But at the same time, too much disrespect and RP bordering on Fail-rp, not listening to superiors and not doing PT will eventually lead to... Something like this occurring. And something did indeed happen so I guess you reap what you sow.

But overall I don't know the full extent and reasoning as to why this occurred. So I'm gonna say  NEUTRAL  until I learn more.

Does Garrus Vakarian Even play on the server. Anyways not the point, now getting on to the appeal. 

Now a bit of this will be unrelated to the ban appeal itself, forewarning.
+1 On unban
My reasoning is simple, Trial and execution for insubordination. You did a execution for insubordination which does not happen in the military lightly  and has only happened in the most extreme cases which only happened like almost never. A bit of history for you, the only ever US soldier to be have been trialed and had a execution  was back in 1945. Now your going go to google and say insubordination can lead to execution during war time, his insubordination never lead to lets say people dieing because of his actions or serious crimes being committed. I don't completely agree with some of the ways he acted however a ban will not solve this. I have dealt with Donowitz many times and have gotten him to listen to me and follow my orders without issues.
Second, who trailed him for insubordination, you do not hold the right to hold a trail at all, you acted out of you bounds as a high captain.(Should be called Captain) You should of instead put him in a jail cell, Soft PK as insubordination would lead to Dishonorable discharge plus jail time. As well it would provide the server with RP since the trail could happen at the base if need be.
Third: The ban was undeserved, he was RPing his character even if you don't like the way he RPed, it was still there as a character. Is he borderline FailRP that depends on your definition of FailRP, in my book no solider is perfect. This is during a time of war against a vastly superior race, not to mention the fact we have been fighting other humans for the last 80 years even during the human-covenant war. There are bound to be people who are stupid, not willing to fight or listen to orders etc.

Fourth: He provides the server with what the server needs the most of right now, RP. a lot of you on the server right now can't/ don't know the difference between a character and OOC. (One of the reasons why I don't RP my character the way he's supposed to be RPed as well). 

Lastly, the Ban was undeserved in my opinion the Execution/ trail was not handled the way its supposed to be, the demotion sure but that comes with the court martial and dishonorable discharge.

Also Donowitz fix the appeal, it looks like you don't care about getting unbanned. Tell Delyane as well to do the same.
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You put very little effort into the ban appeal, your explanation on the discord missed out most of the actual rule breaking, Millsy's explanation is more accurate, the only thing that it misses is all the previous warnings and punishments for Fail RP which continue occurring over days and weeks. I can even quote where you said "So I was like well shit if i'm going in i'm going all in so I kept doing it for like 2 mins more.", you knew you were doing wrong but you just doubled down, I have no clue what you expected to happen. As it's been brought up I should address Aura's vote, weather a PK is execution or discharge or imprisonment for life, it's still a PK and it is no excuse to say the ban is unjustified because, you think it would be more realistic if he was PKd in a different RP method. As a note, Garrus does not have to play on the server to post, his post was concerned with following the format, which is a valid thing to say regardless of server or player.

If you had put effort into the appeal I could have accepted it, but if you put nothing into it, just like Delayne's appeal, I can't reasonably do anything but deny it.
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