Guide to the MedBay!

Hello Troopers and welcome back home!
As your guide I will give a few easy steps on how to make it to the med-bay whenever you need to! 

As a brief reminder your bunks are on the 2nd floor, here have a look! 

[Image: RWxW8TP.png]

If you take the Cargo route up, please don't be tempted to take the employee entrance.
Please go north into the hallway and make a right then another right.

As for everyone else following along please start in the middle white room.

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Love you guys very much. <3
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I'm not a medic but this is very useful to the server, thanks a lot. I'm so fucking lost right now. 
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Make one for jedis hahah
Death does not come easy.. you have to work for it

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Every Bone Every Muscle EVERY INCH!

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