Appeals for Banned Users

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(2)Your suggestion: Make it possible for Forum banned users can appeal on a forum section, open to the community.

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition: Because players who've been banned and would like to appeal have to figure out who banned them, then figure out what their discord is, then message them, and if they're lucky, they'll get a response. It's just incredible how some forum admins ignore other's messages. Having it open to the community would allow for this problem to stop.

4) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added: None.

+1 this is actually a good idea.

Edit- by saying "just don't get banned" is dumb, you could say that for the server but......y'know
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Not sure how this can be done as the point of a forum ban is to prevent you from posting, usually if you are banned, you should message any of the forum staff. if one of us do not respond, you can also message other Forum Staff Members. We're available almost everywhere to talk 

Most of the forum staff are usually always on TS.
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+1 thats actually perfect I agree

Edit:Elios tell the owner to pay some money to create a website using html and not a ready template.
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Just don't get forum banned. If you're doing something to warrant a ban, probably should deal with the consequences of it. Actually search out to the forum staff to figure out why you were banned and talk to them about it.
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People only get banned on the forums because certain people are special snowflakes and can’t take a joke so plus one great idea
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+1 Agree with jackot. God Dam Snow Flakes.

Not a forum admin, but stay on the topic please lmao. I think its a good idea, I'm just not sure about it because getting a forum ban isn't that bad in my opinion unless its permanent. Just don't be toxic or disrespectful, stay on topic and you won't get banned. Like what you guys are arguing about and saying above, might get you banned lol. Neutral.
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I agree

appealing for any kind of ban should be neccessary.

If a person goes out their way to appeal their forum ban the forum staff should be responsible to take a look at how they were banned and how long and follow a similar protocol to regular ban appeals.

I feel that the votes from the Community shouldn't matter so maybe it can be done on a private section.

This is not a Server thing this is a forum thing so in my opinion the rules should be different and if it can be handled in private the regular scheming causing drama etc etc can be prevented.

But thats just a theory,


Thanks for Watching!
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+1 i think anyone should be able to appeal a ban to show that they have changed, forum bans should be able to be appealed the same as a in game ban

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