The end of the first chapter

In time all good things come to an end, it's clear this is true for me.

I love this server and everyone on it, I truly do.

But as of recent events and interactions I'm feeling less accepted around here and I feel like my gimmick isn't as special as when I first started.

Jackie Quackie Blackie has truly been a highlight around here, there wasn't anyone who didn't know this name. All I sought was acceptance from others and to make some people laugh and make them that bit happier.

Then I metagamed. I did something out of character for Jackie, I joined a family.

I specifically wrote that Jackie wouldn't join a family as he was a lone wolf and didn't trust how families worked. I sold out - plain and simple. If I could go back in time I would never have let someone buy me VIP in exchange to join their family. I've loved being VIP as it's let my roleplay get so much wider. I've grown because of it, but at the end of the day, I changed my character just get something me: Conmur Omega wanted. 

I was selfish, and I got screwed over in the end. I learned a valuable lesson. I shouldn't change who I am just to fit in, to be liked, etc. I should be myself, and with that playing my characters as themselves.

I know this all sounds shit and stupid but it's been grinding on me for a while. 
I'm not name dropping or shit cause I don't wanna start anything. This is merely an ending.

I said some shit that people liked, and others didn't. That's a fact, but that's life.
I know a certain someone doesn't want me here anymore, they're a bigger part to this community than me, and that's something I cannot do anything about. I know that I don't feel comfortable being around them, and I have a feeling it is mutual. The last thing I want is to make someone feel like this.

So as a result, I'm going to be quitting the server. I've loved my time here but I've started to have a negative impact which is the opposite of my original intentions.

I did so much I never thought possible: I made great friends, put smiles on peoples faces, got an instagram account set up for me, gave speeches as dumbledore, did a prefect meeting, gave speeches to just about every admin and moderator, found out that an auxilery doesn't have great people skills, serenaded a mod with a poem, sang a song to another, taught classes some real shit, watched a gamemaker and moderator get it on as dragons, gambled all my money away every time the wheel comes around, went bear hunting as hagrid and get kicked when I tried to shoot a hitman with a crossbow, got stripped when hagird was a horsemaster and tried to kill a horse thief with a crossbow, got banned for being everted in the graveyard, bullshitted my way out of nearly every situation, called out the trinity for not having black members, got 2 prestiges down and was nearly at my third, changed my name more times than I could count, got 2 successful name appeals, got banned for arresting half the class for freespelling cause my internet died before I could write the RFD, been an actual prefect and giving warning and not being super anal, made many videos of people calling me the n word, learned how to sit down, found out Guy has a daddy fetish and doesn't like Hazel's sc uwus, had many debates over brexit, taught about a magic stone(whatever that is), didn't teach about transgenders in transfiguaration, found some Scooby Snacks, rode a horse, drove a car really shitly cause I've never dirven a car in gmod before, got eliminated in spleed in record time (2 seconds after they said go), been rejected by every woman and man on the server, gave the best bestman speech ever, marry an underage girl to hagrid and then get them divorced in the space of 5 minutes, used my 27 horcruxes to resurect myself as I have antibullshit magic, undefeated in detention roulette, told many staff members to fuck off (cause I don't fuck around), revealed Peter is bad a women skills, found out Ross has an abusive partner but they're into that shit so it's Gucci, Bathilda would sell a lot of water, Roman isn't actually a general, Jacktot is very attractive and has an amazing voice, Caulflower's laugh is uterly terrifying and sexually frustrating, Jack is the best tosser I know(but an even better shadowman), learned another jack is a pretty good nightmare, found out Nick doesn't have an alt, travelled alongside Big Trev or Jacob on his path to moderation, Learned how Miro was a big boi, learned Fudge goes by many names but my favourite is Wisp, Kyrie and Dea have daddy issues that I'm not okay with, Heinrich is a top dawg, Jim was the first man to be peak human evolution, and Spencer was the second, Jaspur may have went through winter but came back the Wiz I knew he was, Luna became a badger and that was sweet, joined a cool lot of people called the Siscas, met the only Trinity member I'm on good terms with Ameena, met the man of the hour Ale and his cool ass wife Allia, met Luke who is a man of many talents (vampirism), Morty is a minge but one I can bare atm, Chloe let me give speeches so that was cool, I joined a pudwudgie biker gang, met the pro egirl Caitlyn, Tonto was always a nice sight along with her side kick Mr Bobbins, learned Bathilda McMuffins causes big lag #BlameBathilda, learned how to make binds, YOWIE WOWIE, learned that my character is big believer of natural selection, grew from a gangsta pimp to loving nice guy, and finally how I am a man of commitment.

I know I missed a lot off but I saw it becoming a wall of text and I'd save you from that. If I didn't mention you still know I appreciate every last one of you as I wouldn't have made it this far without you, Thank You All!

I hope everyone will be happier now I'm gone as depressing as that sounds.

But maybe I'll come back one day. Maybe.

But there is only one way for me to leave.

So for the final time... of this chapter ; )

Jackie Blackie out, peace!

P.S. I forgot to say I paid a commission of what I think my character looks like, as my profile picture. Yes, it is black Peter Capaldi with dreadlocks.
P.S.S. If any of ya'll have any memories of you and Jackie please share, it would mean a lot. Even if you're just calling me a dick.
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Nah you ain't allowed to leave man. I refuse to accept
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it's dumb for you to leave because there's someone "greater" than you that doesn't want you here. besides that person, there's a huge group of them that wants you here, and im sure you'll see that from the amount of replies you're going to get. don't be a stranger

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Fuck the fakes bro.  You welcome to be here regardless of what some cunts might think.  You a cool dude and even if you feel like you made a mistake it doesnt change that.  Shit happens man, you just gotta get back up and show people who you really are.  No matter what you decide though, it was cool gettin to know you man.
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ima miss you Jackie and how you boost my mood to be happier in the day when i talked to you, Your always welcome to pm me any time and please come back soon
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Jackie, don't let woman/man children bully you off the server over some dumb shit bro.
Also they ain't as big as you seem, no one is, for that matter, just people making tinfoil hat arguments.
If you're being harassed or whatever, its best to contact staff about it, gather evidence, or whatever.
You're a cool dude and I don't wanna see you leave, unless its on your own terms
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Heart  Don't Leave  Heart
Honestly whoever doesn't want you here is just salty that Blackie Jackie is better than them smh. Just cause someone 'greater' than you doesn't want you doesn't mean we don't want you. We all love you and respect your decision just maybe reconsider your choice, leave that family, be that lone wolf you were striving to be. We used to speak all the time when I was prefecting as Efrain, you were always such a positive person and would make everyone feel better about themselves or issues they were going through, you used to always ask questions (some legitimate, some were just stupid and hilarious), You would hand out some of the best advice ever! and its going to be a shame to see you go. So long partner, come back soon.
Heart  Love you Jackie ~ Newt  Heart

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Cmon Jackie don't leave we all love seeing you on the server your attitude and enthusiasm when it comes to playing is great to see on the server because you don't see much of that anymore. Don't let 1 person/group ruin the entire experience for you use this as a chance to branch out to more of the community. Like joey said if people are targeting you if you gather some evidence and videos I'm sure the staff team would be more than willing to help you with the situation you're in. 
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Jackie, I love you and all, so that's why you're not allowed to leave just yet. You've made my day on the server so much better so many times and if anyone has their feet set on the ground it's you. You're also an amazing writer and poetry artist lmao. You've for sure made an impact on me during your time so far and I hope you'll change your mind eventually. I don't know if I've ever met a more honest person than you are, ngl. Don't listen to all of the people trying to cause drama or put out fake rumors. I know people have tried to do so, but you just gotta trust your guts. I know you'll end up doing the right thing in the end. You're simply amazing and don't ever stop being who you are <3 You should know by now that you can always pm me wherever and whenever if anything happens or you need someone to talk to. Can't wait for chapter 2! 
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Jackie bud, no one is bigger than anyone, people just form their own social hierarchies and it goes downhill from there.
Now which ever ex family member it was, I am guessing (s)he is from the Siscas and honestly dude, like Joey said, aren't as big as you would think, no one is.

Come back and just hang out with people that want you around them, not bribe you into being friends.
There's plenty of people who will welcome you with open arms and hang out with you on the server.
Maybe a small break is good, but fuck leaving cos some oversized adult child is throwing their toys out the pram.

Look after yourself and come back soon alright, there's still more fun to be had.

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