Lloyd Blankfein

(1) What is your in game name and Steam ID? - Asty Vudd STEAM_0:0:53921812

(2) What is their name? - Lloyd Blankfein

(3) What is their Steam ID? - STEAM_0:0:41494371

(4) What did they do wrong? - Constant harassment to Bathilda, multiple RDA, Targeting

(5) Evidence. (Must be provided) - 
[Image: b38511e3e0ef8ce03106fd597d2b9106.png]
[Image: 20d5848d8ccd703bf69cbd453845a6c2.png]
[Image: 52c1c495243d18c081d3d73cd7f3c5f1.png]
[Image: 6dfbb2ba1718d8b0b88da17cb40f8b57.png]
[Image: 3a2f2d08117bfd6ba82e79cedbc38d74.png]
[Image: 349f5150c7d2abe7dd03f9e7a15e0e31.png]
[Image: 976bf0bce0b7a7a508ed14ea6c0c532d.png]
[Image: ad98babfa5dc8c4875bc306f51473732.png]
[Image: 1d812c755b4b5a9aa7fbb4638b2bba03.png]

People in the pictures were saying his name because of his harassment but when told to stop by admins they stopped while Lloyd swore he wasn't doing anything wrong and carried it on

+1 He should learn the rules of prefecting instead of aimlessly targeting players and constantly arresting them with no warnings.

Lloyd Blankfein
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well although I have witnessed him breaking rules and have reported him myself
the evidence posted here doesn't prove he was targetting anyone (bc there is no time frame and he gave an RFD for both DOS's) 
and if staff was online and dealt with it idk why a report was made on the forums; unless I am missing something ofc
so imma -1 unless I figure out that I am missing something

You...uhm....do realize that Bathilda is Admin right? And if he was harassing her she could easily just ban him? I dont see the point of this report, especially since, per your own words, staff were online.
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People who play during his time zone know that he is extremely toxic and does this kind of stuff alllll the time.
Its time he gets a ban. +1
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There's staff online right now and staff were online during this, if Bathilda has a problem with it she can handle it herself, no need for white knights trying to rescue her lmao 

hard -1
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Agreed with Finkle... this isn't even close to harassment.
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I'm pretty sure if Bathilda was bothered she would have done something about it.. she can stand up for herself she doesn't need other people reporting it if it didn't bother her. This isn't harassment. -1
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All Said

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I know I'm not on atm, but this report doesn't exactly need to be handled with. Bathilda would have dealt with it herself if she felt she was being harassed, if this player is doing other harmful things that people have stated above, then make another report with evidence of them doing that. If I'm incorrect, someone correct me and deal with the report how you see fit. 
Edit: There also isn't enough evidence here for me to see targetting or RDA against Asty. All I see is a DOS and then it being completed. 
Report On Harassment Denied. Thread lock please.
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