the minister becomes hip

In an attempt to connect with the students of Hogwarts and young voters Fudge has created a twitter!
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Bro I found out Traumacore is an aesthetic on Tumblr kinda wack that I have a whole section of Tumblr dedicated to me
"A simp is a legally binding contract"
Believe in yourself bro if I can get a simp while being a fat annoying ugly emotional mess then you can get a simp
I can say I appreciate your existence in 3 languages but I can't cook without injuring myself every 5 seconds I'm clearly the most talented person alive
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Oh god, I send prayers to the Twitter users across the world, You are no longer safe. The ministry has infiltrated twitter and most likely will use it as a away to spy on the population. Cyber security at risk.

Oh god I can see the event now. Donald Trump Vs The Minister Twitter Battle.
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