Galaxy of Magic Donation Rewards

Welcome to the official Star by Star Gaming Galaxy of Magic server donation rewards page. Here we provide numerous ways for you to support our server and community, which can additionally enhance your gameplay and overall experience while you spend your time on our Galaxy of Magic game server with us. On this page, you can navigate the various spoiler sections to find anything that may interest you. Thank you for supporting the [SBS] Galaxy of Magic server.

In-Game V.I.P. Access - $30 USD

Spoiler: V.I.P. Benefits and Information
Spoiler: How to Donate

Open Whitelist Donator Jobs - USD (Varied)

Spoiler: Open Whitelist Donator Jobs Information
Spoiler: How to Donate

Custom Donator Jobs & Whitelists - USD (Varied)

Spoiler: Custom Donator Jobs and Whitelists Information

*Please be well aware that donating is completely optional. We do not require any form of a donation to play on our game servers, nor do we expect donations.*

Donation Agreement | Terms & Conditions
We reserve the right to change, modify, or remove contents from this disclaimer at any time or for any reason at our sole discretion without notice. As a donator, you are still obligated to comply with all server rules. Donating to the server does not make you immune to punishment, above the rules, or above other players. Should you break any of our server rules, you are subject to kick, ban, or perma-ban, and if perma-banned, will forfeit all gifts presented to you for your contributions. All donations are non-refundable upon finalization of your gifts presented. All custom jobs that are donated for are subject to removal, or become available for new ownership by a new donator if the original donator is inactive near, by, or greater than 30 days at our discretion. Custom job donators cannot, and may not, use their custom jobs in any way for third-party profit or 'resale'. If the custom job donator or 'owner' is caught doing so, their gifts presented and 'ownership' status will be removed and revoked immediately. Finalized donations cannot be transferred for other donation options, to other players, or accounts, for any purpose or under any circumstances. All donators should understand that a donation is a gift to us and not a 'purchase' of any kind. We are not selling any physical or virtual goods, nor providing any service to you, we are simply rewarding various benefits to you on our game server(s) in return for your generosity. Donators also understand, given donations are gifts, we are not obligated to give anything in return for in the first place. We reserve the right to remove, revoke, edit, or modify any donator statuses, ranks, rewards, benefits, or options at any time and without notice. Additionally, we reserve the right to revoke any donation rewarded benefits succeeding any form of a PayPal chargeback regardless of the outcome of the case. We sincerely thank you for any donations that you have made. Any contributions made will be going towards covering our server(s) monthly costs and as commission to content creators (level designers, 3D modelers, LUA developers, etc.) Star by Star Gaming is in no way affiliated with any entities whom are the rights holders of any Garry's Mod Workshop mods, commonly reffered to as "addons", of which are used on our servers. Nor should it be considered a company endorsed by such entities, unless otherwise stated. We do not claim any credit or copyright ownership whatsoever for any of the assets, content, characters, entities, or names that may be used on our Garry's Mod Galaxy of Magic game server from other games, or any of the assets, content, characters, entities, or names from the various universes games, movies, and or books. All of the various universes related assets, content, characters, entities, and or names, credit and copyright ownership belongs to their respsective owners. All donators acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agree to all these terms and conditions upon donating.