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Posted by: JohnThaDon - 43 minutes ago - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

@Jacy Nayeli, you gotta take them panties out that hunch because you so booty hurt  Harrygasm Harrygasm
Soft shell taco harrylove harrylove harrylove

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  Medical Bags for Pilots/ 38th Mechanized
Posted by: Checkers - 8 hours ago - Forum: Server Suggestions - No Replies

(1) Your suggestion: 

Adding a Medical Bag to the 38th Mechanized and Pilot Loadouts.

(2) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition: 

I don't like getting bombarded by rockets and then profusely bleeding until I stomp my AT-TE over to a medic just to stop bleeding since I have one bandage. If we add a medical bag to the loadout, 38th and pilots could have more bandages to bandage themselves without multiple trips to the medic who MAY or MAY NOT be there.

(3) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added: 

Nothing. Bleeding would still be an issue and the vehicle operator and the crew would still need to get out to bandage, and they would still have a limited supply of bandages.

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  PvP Montage
Posted by: Walden Shoeshiner - Yesterday, 07:59 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (13)

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  R.i.P Helen McCory
Posted by: George Hicken-Shoeshiner - 04-16-2021, 11:22 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (6)

I just wanted to bring the sad new that the actress   Helen McCory who played Nacissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter films and Polly Gray from Peaky Blinders...passed away Aged 52 from Cancer today and wanted to make a post in respect and rememberence to her.

[Image: Narcissa_Malfoy.jpeg]
If on the server please have a minute of silence for a inspiring Actress...who played the character to the best and no other could play this character in such passion and depth as  Helen McCory

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  good news for me!
Posted by: George Applewood - 04-16-2021, 10:22 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

on Thursday next week I'm going to buy VIP. what to expect? also I'm gonna donate 50 for the hogsmeade map, (got to get my name forever engrained into the server)

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  Ban Appeal
Posted by: Jared1173 - 04-16-2021, 04:05 AM - Forum: Ban Appeals - Replies (10)

Your old content:
(1) What is your in-game name? -  Jerry Flounder

(2) What is your steam ID (including any banned alt accounts)? -  76561198142041395

(3) What is the name of Admin/Staff who banned you? -
@@Todd Wick

(4) How long were you banned for? -
5 days I believe. I logged on a while after it happened

(5) Have you been banned on any SBS server before? If so, approximately how many times? -
This same Server once

(6) Have you been banned within the last week? -

(7) Why were you banned in this instance? (Explain in Detail) -
RDM. An ex prefect, whom I felt abused their power on me in the past, was in the same classes as me so i freespelled verdi on them a few times just for a bit of a reaction. I hit them one too many times and killed them. when they returned to  the class I began to apologize (admittedly half heartedly) but was immediately attacked and killed. Me being vengeful I had to have the last kill so of course I returned and continued the cycle. for the next few classes I would throw a quick verdi their way in the middle of class just as a bit of a taunt. I don't believe more murder was committed after this, but I could be wrong albeit I was a bit washed.

(8) Do you think you deserved the ban? - 
Probably honestly. Getting a reaction out of someone is the point of messing with them. However I guess it upset them enough to decrease their quality of gameplay to the point of reporting me, and that was never the goal.

(9) Why should you be unbanned? -
I didn't mean to truly upset them. People play video games to have fun, and when other people ruin your experience it takes the one thing we all share away.

(10) Have you learned your lesson from this ban? -
Not everyone enjoys the level of competition and trash talk that I do. Some people prefer to play a casual pace, and games of cat and mouse verdimillious tag might not be as fun for other people as it is for me. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. It's all about picking and choosing your battles, and opponents, as well as friends.

(11) Provide a Screenshot of the message that appears when you try to join the server: - 

Just realized my image is impossibly small one second


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  How i fix this
Posted by: SimplyLiam - 04-15-2021, 08:08 PM - Forum: Support - Replies (1)
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