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Skin broom glitch - DarkestHour Jackie - 01-14-2020

When riding on a broom as a regular student it removed all customisation such as robes, hairstyles, etc from the default model of you class

Tested on slytherin prefect female 2

RE: Skin broom glitch - Kyrie Animus [Axel D. + Nova B.] - 01-14-2020

The bug could be due to a multitude of things, but it's highly likely that the brooms add-on is extremely temperamental, and poorly optimized. One of our modelers and guy have discussed specifics about how the issue could be resolved in the future, but as of now, it isn't a priority for both of them right now. While Quidditch could be one of the updates coming, our modeler has mentioned his disinterest in that work due to a lack of proper functionality in the class. However, we do know that Quidditch outfits are being discussed and might be a possible update further down the line.

Our modeler also believes that issues come for the loading areas within the map on how skins and body groups load and unload, and the individual only will load the model and not all the specifics chosen. He also said he appreciates the concern and has taken it into the consideration for possible future patches or updates. If there is an issue with skin groups, it's possible that it might just need to be ignored, and changed into pure body groups.