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Leprechauns vs Pukwudgies - Robin Odessa - 02-14-2020

(1) What is your in-game name & Steam ID? - 
Catalina Crestmane-Howl

(2) What type of event is this? (Passive RP, Forum announced, etc.) - 

This event could be mainly considered PassiveRP, but if Gamemakers wanted to expand the event, it could be Forum announced.

(3) What are the details of this event and now will it be run? - 

Leprechauns and Pukwudgies have never gotten along. The Forbidden Forest on the edge of the Hogwarts grounds is turf that has been fought over for many years. The leader of the group of Leprechauns, Nymph, agrees to meet with the leader of the Pudwudgies, Troglo in a desperate attempt to unite their people before an all-out war breaks loose. When Troglo and his men plan to ambush the Leprechauns, a fight breaks loose, and it’s up to Hagrid and students of Hogwarts to put a stop to it, once and for all.

(4) What problems could arise and how could they be remedied? - 
Snatching: If students are entering the forest or are on the outskirts as part of the event, we would have to ask either staff or Gamemakers to make players aware that it would be an event where snatching would not be allowed. 

RDM: Although eventually it would mean that either the Leprechauns or Pukwudgies have to die, RDM or attempted RDM of fellow students, Hagrid or the creatures themselves when not permitted by GM’s, could, and would still be punishable as normal.

Minging: Minging is something that can be dealt with as normal, if it comes under failRP, it can be treated as such. Staff/GM’s (same as snatching) can reinforce the rules where necessary and ensure that people are not taking part in the event just to minge.

RE: Leprechauns vs Pukwudgies - Darkstorm Zero - 02-14-2020

I like it, it's a cool little vs that could spark some interest in the lil fellas.


RE: Leprechauns vs Pukwudgies - GinaGovernatore - 02-14-2020

With respect Catalina,
I'd be bored conducting the event.

Not because the premise is boring or anything, don't get me wrong: Race wars? 
We love to see it

The real reason being, Miro has already done an event involving Leprechauns and Pukwudgies during his trial period,

so I don't feel I'd be doing anything too new (since I was present for the aforementioned events).
This event doesn't bring anything particularly exciting to the table.

Not your fault ofc, I just prefer always trying new things.

 I kinda have to after being a GM for so long,
otherwise, I get bored of... curing boredom. Ironic.

Maybe another Gamemaker could step in and rescue this event, making something out of it?