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RE: Ban Appeal - Fredy Bubbles - 08-01-2020

I don't see any malicious intent in this case. Ryte most likely gave this ban, because of your "LTAP" and things could have played differently if you guys could have talked about it. 

+1 Full Unban

RE: Ban Appeal - ♔Redgie♔ - 08-01-2020

Indeed you did LTAP. But I'd say just reduction to the LTAP ban of 3 days.

+1 for reduction

RE: Ban Appeal - Gwendolyn Rose - 08-01-2020

I think it's more a issue of words meaning different things in different area's in the US. the word "Negro" is most commonly used as a slur against black people. It's considered a hateful word mostly used by older people from back in segregation days. 

Seeing as the server is located in the US and uses English as it's primary language. Probably best to avoid words which have other meanings in other languages than they do in English.  As it could easily be misunderstood as loop-holing. 

Do I think you meant for it to be racist? No I doubt it. You're a trouble maker.. But I don't think you'd drop that word for memes or out of hate. 

The disconnect could be poor timing.. It doesn't look good though! And I can see why Ryte would think it was a LTAP. 

+1 for reduction or unban

RE: Ban Appeal - Barry Blackwater - 08-01-2020

+1 For full unban 

you shouldn’t of left that’s probably why you got the ban 

We need him for our time zone free the scripter 

RE: Ban Appeal - Luke Sisca - 08-01-2020

+1 for reduction and/or unban growing up around a lot of Spanish speakers negro didn't equal neggro as they are even said differently as you roll the R.

RE: Ban Appeal - Perseus Peverell Plouton - 08-02-2020

+1 for full unban

Same reasons stated by others.

RE: Ban Appeal - Eloise Shoeshiner - 08-02-2020

+1 for unban,

He seems pretty genuine in this appeal and I think going forward he knows now that the term “Negro” is a loophole for hate speech on the server and will refrain from using it. Still would like to hear Rytes side, but I think that this ban will serve as a lesson for him for sure!

RE: Ban Appeal - Lou Morningstar Shoeshiner - 08-02-2020

 This is tricky I understand it may be a wine brand name but it still kinda feels like you were trying to loophole saying the
actual word itself. The LTAP part of this is difficult as unless you have from that you didn't manually disconnect
then its kinda hard to plead your case in a way.
-1 for full unban 
+1 to reduction to a week or 2

RE: Ban Appeal - Amelia Phoenix-Shoeshiner - 08-02-2020

+1 for reduction

I put a reduction because you should know not to say this kind of stuff. But, ‘negro’ in other languages such as spanish can mean black (the colour). Obv he should not have said it though because in English its considered racism. Idk if this is a wine brand or not but if it is then the ban should definitely be reduced.

RE: Ban Appeal - Ryte Lionheart - 08-02-2020

Reduced to 1 week