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RE: Dan Lupus Staff Application - STEAM_0:1:1270655 - 09-10-2020

A few things. 

When I bring your name up with others, the response has been negative. This tells me you have a bad reputation as of the current moment. 

Combining the above with you hanging out with staff a lot leaves a worrisome and bad taste in a lot of players' mouths. They may feel as if you are trying to influence key people to get some +1s and onto the staff team. 

How you came to be staff on the minecraft server and why you are no longer staff on it came up, so you may need to elaborate on your time there before the rumors take root.  

Additionally, I have heard that you get offended on behalf of others and report "offensive" parties because you think others might be offended. In the future, know when to walk away from situations you aren't involved in, there is a difference between being nosy and being a busy-body. Not everything that happens is your business... If someone gets called a name, it's not your place to report it (unless it's hatespeech). You are going to notice that a people might stop talking or move away from you when you are in listening range because of this and because of their current reactions.  

Onto your app itself, 7pm to 5 AM, really? don't you have school? Is this just on weekends? I usually meme about this but make sure you tell your parents what you're getting into, maybe have them sign a permission slip or something.  

rule 3 is wrong when you try to elaborate on DF killing DF. Only Voldemort may kill DF members with legitimate RP reason (there is one custom with very a situational permission, but you aren't expected to know this for this app). For rule 5, you need to separate prefecting from your brain with server rules. While there is some overlap, you should be looking at it from a staff enforcement aspect, not detention.

Don't let my comments above discourage you. I haven't personally had any bad interactions with you, but I do think that a period of rediscovering yourself might be needed. 


RE: Dan Lupus Staff Application - Dan Lupus - 09-10-2020

Hey so just to elaborate on the time. Im actually home schooled so thats why I have a wide range. Again, breaks in between to do school but yeah, thats why. 100% I need to learn to walk away from situations and I will actively work on that. The reason i'm no longer manager on 1 of the minecraft servers is because it actually got shut down because the owner no longer wanted to actively work on it. The server I was helper on also got shut down but I resigned due to no longer wanting to play and losing interest.(It got shut down 5 days after I resigned). Thank you for the feedback everyone and I will actively work on everything thats been bought up here.

RE: Dan Lupus Staff Application - Anubis - 09-10-2020

Neutral to +1
Considerable flaws, but I think you need more time with the community as they aren't perceiving you as well, and like mentioned hard to approach.

Not ready is my verdict. 

Also, your application has a small amount of effort.

Edit: Seen a decent amount of change

RE: Dan Lupus Staff Application - Eloise Shoeshiner - 09-10-2020

Timing is everything, and currently I do not feel it was a good time to post this staff app. I believe that you need to bond with the community before you do involve yourself in the staff team, understand the rules a bit more because mass fs and fs are very different. I don’t know if I could trust that you’d understand the difference between a staff situation and a roleplay situation in this current climate.

I will remain neutral for now, but I strongly encourage you take the advice of everybody commenting on the app, take some time and improve, then come back and post a new staff app!

RE: Dan Lupus Staff Application - Percy - 09-10-2020

+1 Plays prefect alot and teaches some classes. He enforces rules and helps new players.

RE: Dan Lupus Staff Application - Don ❤ - 09-10-2020

Dan, you are a kid with a dream.

What are we to judge and belittle you, when all you have shown
lately is a want and need to fulfill that dream.

You have been active on the forums,
active on the server,
and have joined in our discord shenanigans.

You have done well getting up to this point.

I haven’t played much with you,

but when I have, I have noticed a level-headed

boy with a want to better himself.

All the people who have given their reasons,

I’m not counting those as invalid..

I’m just trying to say that you deserve a chance at this.

I hope you keep your head up and hope my vote lifts your spirits.

+1 all the way, all day.

RE: Dan Lupus Staff Application - Banastre Tarleton - 09-10-2020

You have a negative reception among the SBS community. You did enforce the rules well and your're a nice kid to talk to. I have been on your similar situation so nothing wrong about that. Improve your reception with everyone else so I can keep this vote.


RE: Dan Lupus Staff Application - [red] Tyr - 09-10-2020

+1 best headboy

RE: Dan Lupus Staff Application - Sukhi - 09-10-2020

-1 Maybe come back when you get older?

RE: Dan Lupus Staff Application - Banastre Tarleton - 09-10-2020

(09-10-2020, 02:00 PM)Sukhi Wrote: -1 Maybe come back when you get older?

Mean no hate but we got others that applied at a young age like Mike Donner is/was 16, or Jay Sisca who was 14.