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RE: Dan Lupus Staff Application - Madcunt (2) - 09-16-2020

Is this is Dan from the Frothers? if so he is hell lit kid bro deserves Mod since he is hell nice and treats new players equally and not like he's above them.

RE: Dan Lupus Staff Application - Jack / Josh - 09-23-2020

(09-16-2020, 04:17 PM)Barry Blackwater Wrote:
(09-15-2020, 10:27 AM)Jack / Josh Wrote: Vote removed.

I'm not going to vote.

@Jack / Josh HAHAHA He threw your +1 back in your face hahahahahahahahaahaa proper mug you are

[Image: AgileThisAfricangroundhornbill-size_restricted.gif]

Anyways, changing my vote to a -1. I've known you to get involved in drama and you're pretty two faced, not going to lie and you get annoyed pretty easily when things don't go you way.


RE: Dan Lupus Staff Application - Tyrone - 09-23-2020

To ^^^ you're just replying to get back bc of his replies that u disagree with PepeHands

To Dan

You're a cool kid, and I could definitely see you being a good staff member eventually.

I would just say get guuder on the rules and get a better rep in the community

Don't kiss ass, but it's hard to be staff when ur not liked. And honestly if ur a cool dude, people will fuck with u, just don't be a dick head.

Neutral for now

RE: Dan Lupus Staff Application - John Wave - 09-24-2020

Look man, I will be honest with you. I believe you should be given an opportunity to be a moderator, you prefect, sometimes you teach classes, I have seen you hosting great halls and explaining the rules, and one´s age has nothing to do with being staff or not like some people have said.

I remember that when you and me had an argument, you came talk with me and we solved our issues in a civilized manner, and that for me shows maturity and respect.

On a side-note, I see many comments who are really toxic in this application and that is not the right way to comment a -1 or a neutral decision on you becoming a moderator.

I give a +1 on your application and I stated my reasons above. Other reasons: You seem like a kind person, a fair one, even though sometimes you get a little bit upset with stuff but that everyone has when they are upset so I can´t really judge you on that.

Also your application does not seem rushed, you explain the rules well, one can see you took the time necessary to write down your staff application and I can see you have passion for becoming a moderator and the server needs that.

I hope staff consider this and give you an opportunity.

Good luck with your application and do not lose motivation!

RE: Dan Lupus Staff Application - Etlenor - 09-30-2020

(09-12-2020, 04:35 AM)Cauliflower Mcguffins Wrote:
You have a huge habit of breaking the rules you want when you want but then being super militant towards other people, I've also had experiences with you harassing people and then claiming to be the victim and using very very clipped evidence to get them in trouble.


I agree with Cauli. You're a nice kid, but sometimes you tend to be easily influenced by others to break certain rules. I've personally never experienced any sort of harassment from you, but if you've done that in the past that's a big red flag for you.

-1 for now.

RE: Dan Lupus Staff Application - Edwin Tossil-Dragon - 10-11-2020

30 Days have passed, you may reapply.
Thread Locked