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Might Take A Break - Ash Rain - 11-21-2020

I might take a break, I'm not really in a good state to play atm. and I should focus more on my mentall health

RE: Might Take A Break - Perseus Peverell Plouton - 11-21-2020

It's always good to take a break from stuff to focus on your mental health. Take care!

RE: Might Take A Break - Amelia Phoenix-Dragonfyre - 11-21-2020

Take care!

RE: Might Take A Break - Banastre Tarleton - 11-21-2020

Well then take your time sir!

RE: Might Take A Break - Tom Aeternalis-Savage - 11-21-2020

Have a good break!

RE: Might Take A Break - Ryte Lionheart - 11-21-2020

Oh Kay

RE: Might Take A Break - Tyrone - 11-21-2020

Waffle fries from chick fil a r dah bomb

Take care

RE: Might Take A Break - Jim Lupus-Everson - 11-24-2020

Take care! It's always good to take time to improve on your mental health, I hope that everything goes well. Enjoy your break!

RE: Might Take A Break - STEAM_0:1:1270655 - 11-25-2020

Ash, you got on yesterday and were getting a lot of hate in OOC from people

Not veteran players, but new players. 

They wouldn't stop talking about what a nazi of a prefect you were being. 

I then saw you arguing with Amaro, the tail end of the conversation ended with you being told to "read the rules," I then decided to snatch you and you stated quite loudly and pointedly that you were going to report me to admins and leave as a fake threat. 

I don't know if you didn't realize it was me and not him anymore. You didn't LTAP, but you did go on youtube to watch videos. I managed to tease you a bit by suggesting you got mad and watched anime to vent. 

I adverted to sell you for 100k, but more than a handful of people were giving me offers on OOC and in PMs to keep you and torture you instead. When I said you would be executed, people were wanting to pay to see it happen. I could have made at least 45k. I decided to auction you off for 2 galleons to someone to do the deed since I knew I wouldn't be able to arrange it quickly. You managed to kill the person I sold you to, but I then killed you in the QP and you logged off right after.

At the moment, I will say that you're "too hot to handle," but not in the good way. You need to chill out and not get so wound up. My concern is over your prefecting and how people seem to get upset by how you are doing it. Take a look at for your prefecting, you might have more fun if you choose to go down that path if you work on bettering yourself there.

Also: your signature says you joined on 5/29/19 yet you hardly grasp the basic mechanics of the server. It comes across as very peculiar... I question why it's important you let people know you joined in May of last year when you weren't active in that time span?

Also I've been seeing a lot of these kinds of posts from you about bettering yourself/working on yourself. It seems you're not satisfied with what you're doing or the effect you're having/what you're getting out of the community, but if positivity is something you seek, you will get very little of it in this community without investing positivity first. some of your threads give reason for some of us to worry, we hope that everything starts improving... but just remember, resources exist for you if you reach out, whether you know they're there or not.

RE: Might Take A Break - STEAM_0:1:1270655 - 11-25-2020

Had another interaction with you today Ash. You really need to take a break and reevaluate how you talk to people.

It's okay to be mad/scared in character, but when you start telling people to kill themselves IRL that's a huge yikes. All I did was spam the laugh emote and stupefy you and tell you to make food, it did not warrant this response.