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RE: Joe's unban request - Emily Broomhandle - 01-14-2021

I was on the night you came on owlposting it and it’s fucked up saying that shit even if you are minging.

I would be -1 for unban
But a +1 for reduction and one more chance.

But still, pretty fucked up.

RE: Joe's unban request - Mike Donner - 01-14-2021

Hey, thanks for making an appeal!

So as others have said, you were banned because a group of players including yourself spammed /OP with a highly inappropriate message which was 

‘[RP] Drags Hermione behind Hagrid’s hut by her hair, knocks her out, and then rapes her violently’ 

People doing these sorts of actions on the server (especially in large groups) is seen as NITRP, therefore you were all given permanent bans. The fact that you put the time and effort into an appeal shows that you do actually want to play on the server, therefore I have no issue with giving a reduction.

You’ve waited out 2 weeks of your ban, so I think you should wait 2 more so that you’ve had a month away from the server. I’ll be accepting the appeal and reducing the ban to 2 weeks, however please keep in mind that if you are to do the same again or something similar, a perm ban will likely be redistributed.


RE: Joe's unban request - Edwin Tossil-Dragon - 01-14-2021

Appeal Accepted by Mike,
Thread Locked