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Farewell SBS - Foxy - 01-12-2021

Hello Everyone! So I will be leaving the sbs community for quite some time, i dont know how long i will be gone but I will be gone for a while. The community right now isnt that great right now. I just wanna say bye to everyone and ill miss you all.


RE: Farewell SBS - Edwin Tossil-Dragon - 01-12-2021

A breather is always needed man, best of luck in your future endeavours! Hope to see you again soon!

RE: Farewell SBS - Astrid Deathmorn Mcguffins - 01-12-2021

I will miss you foxy

take care of yourself and stay safe

RE: Farewell SBS - STEAM_0:1:1270655 - 01-12-2021


RE: Farewell SBS - Brian Enos - 01-12-2021

bye  feelsbadman

RE: Farewell SBS - Banastre Tarleton - 01-12-2021

Take care and stay safe!

RE: Farewell SBS - Astral Spiritus - 01-12-2021

See you on Overwatch later uwu

RE: Farewell SBS - Emily Broomhandle - 01-12-2021

 Bye foxy!! Take care!

Thank you for all the Broomhandle sales Kappa

RE: Farewell SBS - Etlenor - 01-12-2021

cya dude

RE: Farewell SBS - Perseus Peverell Plouton - 01-12-2021

Take care