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Harrowing Events - STEAM_0:1:1270655 - 02-22-2021

This semester’s inter-house campout happens to coincide with the arrival of a very special guest from the Ministry. This retired auror dedicated their entire being to the Guardian Angel task force, which was established to watch over high profile wizards. 
[Image: iVGWx2a.png]
There was recently an initiative within the ministry to declassify information surrounding "The Boy Who Lived" to promote the endless funneling of money into various projects. This guest, however, wishes to share what he knows in the interest of academics, and was one of the ones who watched from afar and checked in on Harry as he was growing up, and even saved him from encounters with Voldemort Loyalists before Harry was of age to attend Hogwarts. 
On more than one occasion, Harry had to have his memories altered to ensure his cover would be maintained. Today’s story is about one of those instances. The sacrificial protection bestowed upon Harry by his mother was not without flaws. The bond of blood charm, which granted Harry protection from those loyal to Voldemort, was very effective, but only when Harry is at the home of the blood relative. “Wish someone told me that when we went to Marge’s farmhouse on holiday,” Mrs. Dursley stated when interviewed, before being obliviated.
[Image: AcesN1D.png]

On this night, students will be offered a chance to relive the tale of the vacation that Harry and the Dursleys had to suffer, as one of the largest and most costly battles to happen between the first and second wizarding wars is offered to be relived through an experimental combination of pensieve and projection magic. This opportunity will come in the form of a red memory bottle, containing the combined memories of both sides of the conflict, and should prove to be an intense experience.
[Image: ceGubHd.png]
If students do not wish to experience such a traumatic experience, the option exists for students to pick the blue bottle, which will simply unlock the events from the Ministry's point of view, information that the ministry prefers people to know.
[Image: 8RreL94.png]
Spoiler: Second (mild option) disclaimer

This event will be on Friday or Saturday, most likely Saturday (check back Thursday, I will ping the Hogwarts discord as well and take votes on there since there's no polling options here). time is TBD.

The votes are in! 

Event will be Friday at 8 PM CST!

RE: Harrowing Events - Tony Morgose - 02-23-2021

So we're forcing Harry to relive a painful experience for our own enjoyment? I'm in!

RE: Harrowing Events - Izumi - 02-23-2021

There's only one right path... or bottle in this instance...

If you need an extra hand during the event I will be more than willing to help out as much as I can!

Looking forward to it, I am certain it will be a unique and unforgettable experience for the players and participants.


RE: Harrowing Events - Krepsie - 02-24-2021

You know throughout all the lore they just go from Harry being born to age 11 as a time skip and really not detailing enough through those 11 years. I must say to add this in is certainly out of the box. Very well done.

If only I had my computer back. If I get it back by then I’ll come check this out for myself

RE: Harrowing Events - Maverick Dredd-Powers - 02-25-2021

I like this.... Poor Poor Harry Potter Harrygasm

RE: Harrowing Events - STEAM_0:1:1270655 - 02-27-2021

Event concluded! 

Who would have known that the Dark Forces would try to betroth Harry Potter to one of their own after failing to resurrect Voldemort? Maybe that's why they were so hesitant to heed his call after the Triwizard tournament! I personally thought the strategy the light forces used to knock out Harry after they paid 1 million galleons to get him back was a bit unorthodox, but effective.

The victory was a costly one indeed. Light forces prevailed, in this occurrence, but not without cost. Thanks to all who attended!