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Trotters Winstonworth - Ban Appeal #2 - Trotters Winstonworth - 09-13-2021


(1) What is your in-game name? – Trotters Winstonworth

(2) What is your steam ID (including any banned alt accounts)? -  

(3) What is the name of Admin/Staff who banned you? –
Trevor Mongoose

(4) How long were you banned for? –

(5) Have you been banned on any SBS server before? If so, approximately how many times? –
Yes,  2x times.

(6) Have you been banned within the last week? -

(7) Why were you banned in this instance? (Explain in Detail) –
A player on the server had been harassing me after my previous ban.  He continued to approach me in other games and once confronted on SBS I made the mistake of getting upset and telling them to kill themselves.  Of course, I'm not recording and he is, so he submits the video of me saying it.  The same guy who had been sharing pictures of me with the internet.  Any moderator familiar with the situation knows this has been an ongoing issue and I will triy to utilize the staff to alleviate issues moving forward.

(8) Do you think you deserved the ban? –
Yes, what I said was completely inappropriate and I am sorry.

(9) Why should you be unbanned? –
I believe I should be unbanned because of the circumstances of the situation.  I know what I did was wrong and I own my mistake.  It's been roughly 4* months and I've had time to think about my mistakes and learn from them.
 I would love to come back to SBS.  I’ve made a lot of friends on SBS and I’d hate to have to say goodbye.  I do feel I contribute to the RP and well-being of the server.  Regarding the situation, these two videos are relevant because of the historical harassment. - The 1st video is pictures of me in tower, this was in a public room called TROTTERS PLEASE JOIN -- these are not my friends. - this him approaching me again before ban (the video doesn't really do it justice)

They followed me around calling my a transphobic hacker for like a month... So I flipped out when they approached me again.  What I said was def wrong and fucked up but I was being stalked essentially.

(10) Have you learned your lesson from this ban? – Absolutely, you can’t just say whatever you’d like regardless of what someone is doing.

(11) Provide a Screenshot of the message that appears when you try to join the server:


FOOTNOTE - I understand if some of you do not like me, but not liking someone isn't a good enough reason to keep me banned.  I'm acknowledging what I did was wrong, but calling me a "pedo" and saying I've made any suggestive remarks about children is fucking disgusting.  I appreciate everyone who took the time to read the entire thread.

If staff only accept screenshots or clips for ban appeals, the same should be considered for the input of players.

RE: Trotters Winstonworth - Ban Appeal #2 - Garbo - 09-13-2021

-1 stay banned you told someone to kill themselves and the way you're acting here after I was curious if there was more to the situation shows me you need some more time away from server.

Even though it's irrelevant to the appeal, I would like to hear more about the ddosing and I heard something about someone underaged? Ngl, that's kind of weird just hearing it but obv. someone has evidence of it to back it up.

Idk man

(09-13-2021, 11:43 AM)Trotters Winstonworth Wrote: DDOS and someone under aged is not something I'm apart of?

The situation involved another player taking pictures of me from my social media and posting them all over TowerUnited, following me around telling people I'm a hacker and transphobic and to not play with me.  I then told him to kill myself upon seeing him on SBS.  That is the only thing in question and for you to bring up dosing and some nonsense about an under aged person is bullshit and unfair...

Relax. I heard it in the video and thought there was something more to the situation.

RE: Trotters Winstonworth - Ban Appeal #2 - Trotters Winstonworth - 09-13-2021

DDOS and someone under aged is not something I'm apart of?

The situation involved another player taking pictures of me from my social media and posting them all over TowerUnited, following me around telling people I'm a hacker and transphobic and to not play with me.  I then told him to kill themselves upon seeing him and being confronted (again) on SBS.  That is the only thing in question and for you to bring up dosing and some nonsense about an under-aged person is bullshit and unfair...

"Relax" -- you just went out of your way to add that to my ban appeal...

I may be a lot of things but people saying I actually speak ill-willed on minors seems a little unfair considering my ban has nothing to do with children...  As an admin @@Hannie Vesperyou should stay focused on the issue at hand.

RE: Trotters Winstonworth - Ban Appeal #2 - ERROR: NAME NOT FOUND - 09-13-2021

telling someone to kill themselves is run of the mill player disrespect that leads to warns, kicks, hourly bans, daily bans, weekly bans, monthly bans, then permabans per the situation, and should be treated as such. I feel this is an entirely excessive jump in escalation. 

I want to look at this situation on its own. 

the disrespect was targeted at someone who was harrassing him and using info from social media to harass him extensively on other servers over his disciplinary history on this server. 


Tyr gets a 2 day ban  for saying kys after his extensive history of disrespect, but yeah let's just perma trotters because fuck it why not. 

something feels shady about this ban and it seems motivated by other factors. 

+1 for unban.

@@Trevor Moongoose


Let's just ignore the fact that the first two clips are super low quality evidence, no better than an MP3 as evidence. Apparently Trotters admitted to the content of what was being said. Let's bring up the fact how they are clipped out of context. Trotters is either mis-remembering, or he is saying what he would do if he was that person. Not a death threat, suggestions to kill himself like Finkle defined. since you are taking his admission of guilt as evidence, you also have to take his word and his recollection of the situation as evidence, and it's clearly evident that these were clipped out of context and not actual death threats.

The third clip is irrelevant to the ban and was thrown in to smear Trotters further, in reviewing some of the responses it's clear there's bias existing against Trotters at this point. Like Finkle said, sexual comments directed at minors aren't tolerated on server. I would consider this being brought up a warning.

This harsh of a ban shouldn't have even happened in the first place. I don't condone his actions but there's a clear boundary that's been crossed and i feel a super has to step in because this goes outside the scope of the staff team. @@Justin Amendish @@Jacob Williams (in addition to this, communications sent to Trotters supposedly also state that a super is supposed to get involved)

RE: Trotters Winstonworth - Ban Appeal #2 - Finkle - 09-13-2021

Okay so I agree with Con, saying "KYS" is a very normal insult online. Doesn't mean it should be condoned, but it's the run of the mill shit that comes with being online.
So I am sorry, but telling someone to end their life is not a threat, but more of a suggestion.

Now the bigger problem in my eyes stems from the second video provided, how have you found yourself in a situation that questions your character around other regular players? Why are the other players questioning you about this? I feel like you need to answer this, whether in PMs or in this very thread, something that bad needs addressing period.

I am not trying to say that you are what I am getting at, but let it be known, pedos are not welcome.

So far +1 for a unban or serious reduction.
Kinda Neutral now? I still don't know what's actually going on.

Okay so now I am getting confused, did anything he say occur on the actual server? I know death threats are taken quite seriously, but once again what he said is up to interpretation but does not paint him in a good light. If you are banning someone for shit they said off server, then I suggest you make some changes somewhere that specifically states this (if there is a place like this, ignore that part).

I will reiterate, comments made at younger people, whether they be ones that play on the server, whether they are on tik tok or even hypothetical non existent children, DO NOT MAKE SEXUAL JOKES ABOUT THEM ITS FUCKING DISGUSTING. DO NOTHING SEXUAL WHEN IT COMES TO ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18. THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOUR IS NOT WELCOME.

RE: Trotters Winstonworth - Ban Appeal #2 - John Wave - 09-13-2021

Leaving my honest opinion here:

-On the second video, players were harassing you and making accusations where they should not make such accusations. If they have issues with anything, they should make a report on the forums (on severe reports center section, it is that easy). And you do not have to explain or address why those players were accusing you of those things. Staff should deal with it. Period.

-On the first video, those two guys followed you (if I understood correctly) to another video game or server (am I right?) and they were harassing you, and if I also understood correctly, one of them kept on harassing you on the harry potter server (which is shown in the second video you shared with us?) and if that is true then I completely understand why you got upset with such player.

Edit: +1 for unban

Second Edit: Using something the man said because players were harassing him, even other players not involved in the two videos he shared, is a coward thing to do. He probably said it as a joke, and accusing someone of something that is not true or that you have no evidence of, is not the behavior that a staff member should be having. 

I would also like to hear the staff member´s side of the story so that we can all understand more of what happened.

I am not going to +1 for an unban or reduction, just going to leave a neutral vote here that may change in the future. If you want to add more to what happened and to answer my doubts (that I put in brackets) feel free to do so.

And I think it is weird that if all you say is true, that you received a permanent ban instead of a warning or a kick or a ban that was not permanent.

RE: Trotters Winstonworth - Ban Appeal #2 - Hannie Vesper - 09-13-2021

-1 for anything. You come on the server drunk/high and look for drama. This isn't the first time something like this has happened with you. I understand you were caught up in the moment and said things you shouldn't have, but you did. Irrelevant to the ban reason, I have heard some repulsive things you've said about minors and honestly I just don't want someone on the server who seeks out drama or instigates it. There's a time where to call it quits and stop fixating on things and I think this is it. 

RE: Trotters Winstonworth - Ban Appeal #2 - Liam Adareaux - 09-13-2021

Going to be neutral on this appeal. I feel like there's a lot more going on that needs to be shared by parties involved before I can cast a +/- vote.
Following on what Finkle and Con said I have to agree that telling someone to KYS happens regularly on online games and it's something that you should be told not to do but doesn't warrant a permaban.

RE: Trotters Winstonworth - Ban Appeal #2 - Emily Broomhandle - 09-13-2021

Neutral (will change) +1 reduction

I didn’t know perma bans could be received from threats and drama unless it’s Ddos so will change my vote once I hear trevors side.

From the videos I just see a man being harassed but with serious accusations and surely if these are true put them in the severe reports section instead of spending your time dealing with a person like that. 

I am actually a bit baffled lol


From seeing everything it’s understandable why anyone would lose the plot after being stalked and harassed. It’s completely wrong what he said but those factors should’ve been considered when issuing the ban.

RE: Trotters Winstonworth - Ban Appeal #2 - Tony Nayeli - 09-13-2021

So far, Con and Finkle have made very fair points and I agree with them. Unless there's more hidden 
things inside that rabbit holeI'll be neutral to +1 for unban or heavy reduction until more info comes up about the whole situation Trotters got tied up with.
I feel there's more to that and should be explained via PMs if possible. Plus, if he's really that kind of person as they say in the second clip, then there's
a section for that to report already *shrug*. What Trotters said was obviously wrong but I get that he lost it because of all the shit he has been dealing with,
the people harassing him successfully completed their mission but at least they got banned too. Trotters should serve just a bit more of his ban, although I still support 
an unban, hoping you don't waste this chance in the future, Trotters.