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Staff suggestions and other stuff - DInicsel037 - 01-10-2019

This server should get better staff because all the staff never do anything they dont even check logs. Theyre all lazy honestly change your staff. Plus no one plays on the server most of the time it seems like you guys have hidden bots on the server because it says 90 players on but theres only like 20 people playing. This server and staff is honestly garbage the players are so toxic. Please change everything about the server everyone free spells the staff dont do anything the owner is this only cool staff i met but the other admins still dont do there jobs when she is on.

The staff suck

RE: Staff suggestions and other stuff - Jerome - 01-11-2019

I'm assuming you meant to post this in the Hogwarts suggestions section and it probably should have been posted in the feedback section. @David Elios "EElsord" @Albert Sterling @White The Mystic Elvish Queen @Astro Brooks-Nova

Idk what server youve been playing on , but the servers are usually full at peak hours and have about 50 at low hours.

Also, staff aren't supposed to discipline free spelling unless it's damage spells. That's what prefects are for.

RE: Staff suggestions and other stuff - Garrus Vakarian - 01-11-2019

I honestly have no idea what this is. It doesn't feel like a suggestion it feels like this should be help and feedback. As such, I'm gonna just try to reformat it, and send it there. this isn't 'that' kind of suggestion page

RE: Staff suggestions and other stuff - alex (3) - 01-11-2019

Huh ?? If you dont receive help from staff try to report it WITH EVIDENCES.I will agree with you in some things like the server is staffless for more than 5 hours.Yes sometimes they dont check logs for help etc.But ok NO garbage.

You can talk to Staff Manager for this.

RE: Staff suggestions and other stuff - Tom Aeternalis-Savage - 01-11-2019

I mean if you see people free spelling then feel free to contact the admins, they might be busy with other calls. As Alex said, if you have video or photo evidence of staff not doing their jobs then feel free to post a staff report on the forums. Staff really can't control what the players do on the server, they will do what they want to do. If they break the rules, report it using "@ <message>" its there for a reason, use it.

RE: Staff suggestions and other stuff - Garrus Vakarian - 01-11-2019

Guy is a she?

RE: Staff suggestions and other stuff - Saigyl who? - 01-11-2019

So ummm, it would seem you either have a misunderstanding of our staff team or you have come to the wrong forums. I'll assume you are referring to hogwarts [if this is even the correct server forums] and not Clone Wars because of the 90 players. The owner of SBS is not a her, and is rarely on the hogwarts servers. If you see a member of staff not doing their job, breaking rules, or abusing their powers, if you collect evidence you'll be able to make a report against them in the player/staff report section. When you mention logs, we don't have the same logs you hear about most servers having, our logs are very basic, so basic it's that it's only a bit more then what you can see in the console. Finally, it's a large map, if you don't see the other players it's because there are so many other places to be.

Also going to point out since it's often misunderstood, prefects are not staff

RE: Staff suggestions and other stuff - The Guy - 01-11-2019

[Image: 3ad039f9eece51a4f3383f404d7c9e4a.gif]

RE: Staff suggestions and other stuff - Aster Lux - 01-11-2019

I'm sorry you feel that way, but this feels more like a rant than actual feedback.

If you only see around 20 players in a classroom that is somewhat normal as houses are split up and there's always 2 classes going on. Also  there is roles that aren't student/Hogwarts jobs which are outside of the castle. Botting is not allowed, neither is afk exploiting, if you find a supposed not you can report it.

As for Staff not doing their jobs or being lazy you need to take into account that you are likely not the only one calling for staff and they might be finishing up a sit with a player in a Staff room before they can get to you. A lot of the work that Staff do is not directly visible to you as a player, which might make you think they are not doing anything and just ignoring you. If you have actual evidence of Staff not doing their jobs/ abusing or failing to do their job in any way you can report it here on the forums and it will be dealt with and the individual will be punished, that is, if they actually did something wrong and you present evidence of it.

Also as others have said if students free spell you they don't get  punished by Staff but have to be dealt with by Prefects. So if you are getting freespelled over and over try getting a prefect to deal with it, Staff only punish students for free spelling if they are casting damage spells and try or actually murder people. Also there are no spell logs so if you say that someone damaged you, unless you have it recorded or they actually kill you, staff can't check whether they did or not.

There was a suggestion to implement spell logs , however it was denied as it would clutter up the server and cause lag. So the Staff isn't unwilling to check the logs for you, there simply are no spell/damage logs, only kill logs.

Hope this helps clear up some of your points

RE: Staff suggestions and other stuff - David Elios-EElsord - 01-11-2019

To be honest, this doesn't seem like helpful feedback.

A lot of the criticism you are giving is very general. I can tell you for a fact, that when I'm on I do see Staff doing what they're supposed to be doing, they respond to calls and answer questions in OOC. If they're unable to get to your report or answer your question, there's always forums where you are always guaranteed to get an answer and also able to do a Player Report, as long as you have provided evidence of the occasion. But that's subjective, you may have had a bad experience that I have never encountered but being with the community for a long period of time, when there's problems it's very noticeable. 

Stating that Staff is lazy without any incidents stated is just not gonna help them lol. If you are claiming that they are, at least state some incidents with names and events that have happened that you can give. I mean, if are you looking to give feedback which I believe you are, you need to provide more details. I mean if Staff were lazy, I'm pretty sure there would massive amounts of complaints and reports. It would be noticeable.

Regarding server players, there are downtimes and uptimes. EST Late nights tend to be pretty full but EST mornings and afternoons tend to be around 20-50 players based off my experience. I can easily tell you that there are no bots lol, everyone is real.

Toxicity is something that you really can't kill, it comes from everywhere. If players are being toxic where it comes to the point where they are violating rules, then you need to speak up and speak to a Staff Member. Staff can't be everywhere, they do rely on players to give reports when they aren't around. So this easily can be prevented if people just say something in Admin chat. 

Everyone freespelling, eh.. That's very general. Students are handled by Prefects the majority of the time for freespelling as it's their job to maintain order in the school and also helping students whether it's rules, classes, questions and etc. This excludes damage spells which should be reported to staff. But other jobs like Prefects, Teachers, Aurors, etc should be reported if you feel as if they are freespelling in a way which violate the rules. 

I hope this was able to address your concern, saying "Staff is lazy", "Staff Suck", "Staff is garbage" is not gonna get you anywhere if you don't provide the incidents or an event that happened. Please keep that in mind for future feedback or criticism. Nothing is wrong with giving criticism, but if you can't give details on general complaints like specifics, your shooting a gun in a wide dark hole, your not really gonna hit anything lol.