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FAQ - The Guy - 06-11-2019


- Q: How do I get unbanned?
- A: Post an appeal in the corresponding server's forum section here.

- Q: My map is 'missing', 'couldn't CRC', or it 'differs from the server', and I cannot join, how can I fix this?

- Q: When I join, everything is an error, how can I fix this?

- Q: How do I become a staff member?
- A: Post an application in the corresponding server's "Staff Applications" forum section here.

- Q: How do I report a staff member?
- A: Post a report in the "Staff & Player Reports" section on our forums here.

-Q: I can't find the answer to my question(s) or issue(s), what's next?
- A: Post a thread here in our support forums, our community is very helpful, and is usually more than willing to help you to the best of their abilities.

If you still can not find the answer to your question(s) or issue(s), or get the help you need anywhere in our forums, feel free to contact us via email at: