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Uh hello? - Weaslton - 09-11-2019

It's been a little over a month since I've been active on SBS, and though I would really love to come back with a clear mind, my experiences that I've encountered since my return have not been pleasant. 
 I have become stronger in heart and mind, and I have become a better person in general. So I would love to have this break continue and let this "drama" pass by, but unfortunately, I believe it won't. So instead of hiding away and binge watching shows in my spare time, I would really love to come back to the server and have some fun with my friends.
Though some may find it unfortunate, I am very happy to announce my return to this server,
 and hopefully I won't be leaving for quite a while.
~ ravenclawPride ~

RE: Uh hello? - ♔Redgie♔ - 09-11-2019

Welcome back Sav!
So great playing with you yesterday!
I Hope you feel better after the events of last night <3
See you on!

RE: Uh hello? - Etlenor✅ - 09-11-2019

Welcome back ma'am. Sorry to hear that you've encountered old problems on the server D:
 I'm sure some staff can help you out with it.

RE: Uh hello? - Raven~ - 09-11-2019


Heart ravenclawPride Heart ravenclawPride Heart ravenclawPride Heart

RE: Uh hello? - Jacktot - 09-11-2019

Nice to have you back hopefully everything changes soon

RE: Uh hello? - Oliver Dragon-d'Aquitaine - 09-11-2019

Welcome bacc

RE: Uh hello? - San Mercy - 09-11-2019


RE: Uh hello? - Kyrie Animus [Axel D. + Nova B.] - 09-11-2019

Welcome back Sav! 

RE: Uh hello? - Jerome - 09-11-2019

Welcome back